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Ruhul Kader, Co-Founder

Ruhul Kader is an Entrepreneur, writer, and Editor of Future Startup. Previously he cofounded and Managed, Good&Green at New Vision Bangladesh Limited. He has written for The Financial Express, Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh Brand Forum, Business Times and The Practitioner Hub and spoken at Let's Talk Failure event by SAYS. Ruhul's first book 'Rethinking Failure: A short Guide to living an entrepreneurial life' is now available on Rokomari

Talk to Ruhul about Future of Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Branding and Business writing.

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Mohammad Helal Uddin, Contributor

Mohammad Helal Uddin is a graduate from Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and presently he is pursuing MSS from the same institution. He dreams of making entrepreneurial class of Bangladesh as an Icon class. He is also passionate about making social change through social entrepreneurship.

His articles on poverty, environment and various other social issues often publish in The Daily Star, The financial Express. He firmly believes that social economic prosperity of Bangladesh largely depends on an ardently dedicated and socially motivated entrepreneurial class. In his free time he loves to think about major and trifle issues around him and to watch movies.

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Muhammad Zakaria, Contributor

Muhammad Zakaria is a business writer and business optimist. He believes the ultimate freedom of a nation comes from the economic solvency of a country. In his word, even passing about four decades after freedom Bangladesh haven’t gained the ultimate freedom and only youth can show the right way to possess it. He graduated from the University of Dhaka, in BBA, major in Marketing. His articles on Business, Branding and Entrepreneurship arrive in Bangladesh Brand Forum.

He is dedicated to find a mean for the young entrepreneurs via Future StartUp- a social movement and platform aimed at inspiring, developing and promoting young and small entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.

Talk to Zakaria about the prospects of Business, Social Entrepreneurship, and Branding.

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Md. Ashiqur Rab, Contributor

Md. Ashiqur Rab, a co-founder at Future StartUp, loves to think social and work social. His passion is working with community & writing on Social Entrepreneurship, Social Business & Social Marketing. He graduated from the University of Dhaka, in BBA, major in Marketing. All through his university programs he worked & leaded numerous social & youth organizations. His several articles on Marketing & Social Business are published in Daily Financial Express.

He dreams to work on building youth as human capital and create employment & income generation opportunity for the people of Bangladesh.

Talk to Ashique about Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Social Business, Branding & Advertising, Business Opportunity, Development & Social Activism.

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Julfikar Islam, Contributor

Julfikar Islam is a Supply Chain Management aficionado. He is working passionately to bring the cost-efficiency in supply chain of Business Firms. He graduated from University Of Dhaka having major in Marketing. He also writes regularly on Leadership, Organization, issues focusing on future in different national Dailies and Magazines.
He is one of the founding members of Future Start-Up. He is now working there as the coordinator of Department of Research and Development.

He dreams to change the society and especially the villages of Bangladesh through actively developing entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.

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