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Future Startup Weekly 81: Entrepreneurial Grit and Perseverance

Hi there: Welcome to yet another edition of Future Startup Weekly, a newsletter about entrepreneurship, expertise, and doing good work. Our mission is to help create a more entrepreneurial world, empowering people to seek and apply their agency. We are privileged to have you with us on this journey. Please feel free to send us your suggestions and feedback to improve our work. 

On to today’s update. 

The Art of Enterprise 

A Demonstration of Entrepreneurial Grit and Perseverance with Ashique Hassan and Kazi Shahinur Rahman

Ashique Hassan and Kazi Shahin Rahman are founders of Blubird Interactive. We talk about how they bootstrapped the company from a small boutique software services shop to a team of 30 people with clients in a number of markets including the US. Get a nuanced picture of what entrepreneurship looks like in action. 

The Generalist 

Real Lessons from The Trenches of Marketing: A Conversation With Shahriar Zaman

Shahriar Zaman is the Head of Marketing at AkijBashir Group. In this conversation, we explore his journey to what he is doing today, his unique perspective on marketing building materials, creating demand and shaping trends, designing effective marketing strategies, how organizations can get better at marketing, and a lot more. 

A Message From Our Partner Elevate Pay 

Future Startup Weekly 81: Entrepreneurial Grit and Perseverance

Elevate Arrives in Bangladesh: Redefining Financial Freedom for Freelancers and Remote Workers!

Are you a remote professional in Bangladesh struggling with receiving USD payments? The good news is that Elevate, the Y Combinator-backed fintech, is here to help! With over $6 million in funding and support, Elevate is transforming the way remote employees and freelancers in Bangladesh manage their cross-border payment facilities.

With a seasoned team of former Visa, Goldman Sachs, Citi, and PNC Bank executives at the helm, Elevate is committed to empowering remote professionals in Bangladesh. The best part? Opening an Elevate account is 100% free! You'll receive a free virtual USD Mastercard debit card for seamless global transactions.

Say goodbye to hidden fees and high foreign exchange rates. Elevate offers a transparent and cost-effective solution for managing international finances with competitive foreign exchange rates that surpass Wise & Payoneer and FDIC-insured accounts.

Join the growing community of Bangladeshi remote workers who trust Elevate for their financial needs. Take the first step towards financial empowerment today by claiming your free Elevate account.

Founder Story 

Fahim Salam: The Making Of Nuport, Supply Chain Automation, Productivity, And Entrepreneurship lessons

A gem from our archive. Fahim Salam is the founder and CEO of Nuport, a Dhaka-based full-stack supply chain automation company. We talked about the origin and evolution of Nuport, Nuport’s current business, its ambitions going forward, Fahim's lessons from his journey so far, and much more.

Business Deep Dive 

New Report: The State and The Future of Online Pharmacy Market in Bangladesh 

A new white paper published jointly by ULAB’s Center for Enterprise and Society and Future Startup on The State of Online Medicine Delivery in Bangladesh. Learn about the thesis behind an online medicine delivery market in Bangladesh, the drivers fueling the growth of online pharmacies and digital healthcare services, the major online medicine delivery players, investment landscape and future direction for the emerging vertical. 


Improve Your Business Decision-Making With These 07 Mental Models

Mental models are maps for thinking clearly. Good mental models serve as cognitive frameworks to understand and be effective in the world around us. Learn about some of the most useful mental models for business and entrepreneurship.

Brand Story 

Job Platform Niyog Launches, Promising Streamlined Recruitment

The job market in Bangladesh can be a complex territory for both employers and job seekers. For employers, hiring is often expensive, and time-consuming, and finding the right candidate can be an uphill battle. On the other hand, job seekers face challenges in finding suitable opportunities, understanding what employers are looking for, and presenting themselves effectively. NIYOG, an innovative online job platform, aims to change this and streamline recruitment for both employers and job seekers.  

Book Notes 

The Willingness to Overcome Difficult Circumstances

There are broadly two categories of people when it comes to struggles and difficulties. One group is like a weak branch of a tree. They break down in the face of the slightest rough wind. They complain. Get discouraged. And often give up. There is a second category of people who are like fire. Every obstacle makes them grow harder. It is the second group who survive and thrive in life. 

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