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Job Platform Niyog Launches, Promising Streamlined Recruitment

The job market in Bangladesh can be a complex territory for both employers and job seekers. For employers, hiring is often expensive, and time-consuming, and finding the right candidate can be an uphill battle. On the other hand, job seekers face challenges in finding suitable opportunities, understanding what employers are looking for, and presenting themselves effectively. For many, preparing CVs is a hassle, job applications often go unanswered, and meaningful career guidance and mentorship are hard to access. 

In summary, for job seekers, there is the challenge of growing unemployment and lack of jobs. For employers, there is a growing complaint from employers that they can’t find enough high-quality candidates. This dichotomy, where unemployment coexists with employers struggling to find quality candidates, presents a compelling hard problem to solve.

Enter NIYOG, an innovative online job platform launched today, aiming to transform the job search experience for individuals across Bangladesh and make recruiting the right candidates efficient and seamless for employers. 

Niyog Platform screenshot | Photo by Niyog

Empowering Job Seekers

Niyog offers a range of unique solutions for both sides of the market—employers and job seekers.  

For job seekers, it offers a series of unique features, including an AI-powered digital CV maker to help users showcase their skills and experience appealingly. Many young graduates in Bangladesh lack access to meaningful career development guidance when they enter the job market, making it challenging for them to present themselves well to recruiters. Many lack the skills to create strong CVs and job profiles and struggle to present themselves well to recruiters. Niyog addresses this challenge with ready-made CV templates on its platform that candidates can use to prepare compelling CVs and profiles. 

The platform's user-friendly interface simplifies the job application process, allowing users to apply for positions quickly and conveniently.

Niyog matches candidates with jobs based on their skills and interest profiles, improving chances of placement. When a candidate doesn’t receive a call after applying for a job, the platform provides an analysis of why they weren’t called and potential gaps in their skills. 

Notably, Niyog offers a mentorship feature where job seekers can access one-to-one mentorship on career and job search guidance. 

The platform plans to introduce additional features for job seekers, such as relevant courses, and access to skill development programs from edtech platforms.

A Complete Recruitment Solution For Employers 

For employers, Niyog aims to become a comprehensive recruitment solution, enabling them to manage their entire recruitment process effectively and efficiently with limited time and resources.  

Niyog says it does not want to be merely a place to connect with great candidates, it simplifies hiring for employers by offering intuitive and automated tools for efficient candidate screening, effective assessment, and seamless onboarding. 

Niyog’s intelligent screening tool allows employers to quickly identify the best candidates from a sea of applications with minimal effort. After selection, the platform helps employers verify each candidate’s credentials, such as ID, documents, address, and other relevant details. 

The platform’s in-app interview/assessment tools, such as test-taking and video interviews, streamline the assessment process for employers, saving both time and money. The assessment tool, which is a core feature of Niyog, is similar to online test-taking platforms like Test Gorilla and comes with a rich tests library, an anti-cheating system, and the capability for organizations to administer thousands of applicants' exams simultaneously. Niyog’s assessment tool automates a key part of the recruitment process which is highly expensive and time-consuming for most companies. 

Finally, Niyog has a built-in system to design an effective onboarding process for new hires, addressing a common challenge faced by companies that lack standardized onboarding processes due to resource and time constraints. Niyog makes it effortless by allowing employers to create a low-touch automated digital onboarding process on its platform.

Niyog Platform screenshot | Photo by Niyog

 Tackling a Complex Problem 

The job marketplace is a dynamic and multifaceted challenge, with many moving pieces that can be frustrating for job seekers and expensive for employers. As a result, there is a continuous interest in new job platforms in every market. It is more pronounced in Bangladesh where technology adoption has reached a certain level over the last two decades, yet hiring remains a significant challenge for employers and job search remains difficult for job seekers. To that end, the real challenge for Niyog will be to find the right mix of solutions to empower job seekers while providing a meaningful solution to employers to effectively manage their hiring process. 

Niyog brings a fresh perspective to this age-old problem. Rather than simply offering a job posting platform, it aims to become a complete recruitment solution for employers. Companies not only gain access to thousands of potential candidates but can also manage their hiring process on the Niyog platform cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Hiring is an investment-heavy problem for most companies, requiring substantial effort and time. For organizations experiencing consistent growth, finding the right people becomes an ongoing challenge. 

The problem gets further complicated when you add the question of hiring the right people. What companies usually do is that they have a hiring manager and an HR team that handles this challenge. 

Despite their best efforts, most companies can’t complete a hiring process within the expected timeframe, often taking between one month to six months to complete a recruitment cycle— a massive resource commitment. 

Niyog aims to make this process more efficient for companies. By using the platform, employers can connect with highly curated candidates, as Niyog’s superior candidate matching algorithm matches candidates and jobs based on best fit. The platform automates the screening process and streamlines assessment through online tests, video interviews, and similar tools. 

Moreover, Niyog allows employers to import CVs from other sources and process them using the Niyog platform. It means when using Niyog platform, companies will not need to rely on any other third-party job platforms, Companies can consolidate all applications on Niyog and run their recruitment operations from a single platform. 

These features should make Niyog lucrative to hiring managers who routinely struggle to find the right candidate while completing a hiring process on time. 

Niyog’s ambition for job seekers is equally high. The company aims to help millions of young people find jobs based on their skills and interests. By offering tools like CV maker, skills analysis and matching, mentorship, and skill development, Niyog empowers job seekers to land meaningful jobs quickly and positions itself as a comprehensive career platform for job seekers.


A Ready Market 

Niyog targets urban graduate job markets with its tailored solutions, a big and lucrative market segment. There is a clear need for a meaningful solution that caters to both ends of the market — job seekers and employers. The market is ready and is open to solutions like Niyog. 

"We are excited to introduce Niyog.co as a game-changer in the job search and recruitment industry," said Founder Fahad Ibna Wahab. "Our platform not only provides access to a wide range of job opportunities across various industries but also offers a seamless and innovative approach to connecting job seekers with potential employers. We are building a complete recruitment solution for employers to make effective hiring effortless and a meaningful platform for job seekers.”

If Niyog can successfully position itself as an effective recruitment solution for employers and an effective job search platform for job seekers, the company has a willing user base to tap into. 


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