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Best Future Startup Interviews of 2023

17 Must-Read Future Startup Interviews

Following our excellent growth last year, in 2023, our interview series, Future Startup Interviews, (which we rebranded from Face to Face last year) and Founder Stories solidified their unique identity, amplifying the significance of our overall work. 

Following our annual tradition, here is a collection of the best interviews we published throughout 2023. These exclusive and in-depth conversations offer a panoramic view into the ideas, strategies, philosophies, and journeys of entrepreneurs and leaders from different walks of life. Interviews are not organized in any particular order. 

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01. Sylvana Quader Sinha: The Healthcare Challenge, Evolution of Praava Health, and Deliberate Organization

“I always say, to pursue the opportunities that allow you to grow and learn at the rate that you know you're capable of, no matter what those opportunities might be. That could be starting a company, working in a business, or working for a large company. It could be anything, but that should be your guiding light. Don't just go work for an MNC that pays a lot.

I understand that finances are real, and we have to look at the value of the package. But assuming that is managed, I think you should look for the opportunity that will allow you to grow and learn, and get closer to what you want your life's work to be.”

02. Waseem Alim: Chaldal’s Strategic Direction, Navigating Tough Times, and Underrated Insights Into Startup and E-commerce

“We have to understand that startup is a game of power law. We need to have more startups for longer periods to have significant success stories. See the success rate of startups is low. It's not like you will have dozens and dozens of examples. We have to keep that in mind. People are being too critical too early.”

03. Solaiman Alam: How Stunning Organizations Operate, Navigating Shifting Digital Landscape, and Strategies for Doing Good Work and Living a Good Life

Solaiman Alam is the Chief Digital and Strategy Officer of Grameenphone, Bangladesh's largest telecom operator. Before joining Grameenphone, he worked at Banglalink, the third-largest telco in the country, during its early years, where he played a vital role in establishing Banglalink as one of the most recognized brands in the country. Before that, he worked at British American Tobacco Bangladesh, which, according to many, is one of the best-run corporate organizations in Bangladesh.

04. The Making of Intelligent Machines, Artificial Intelligence, and Rough Edges of Entrepreneurship: Mohammad Oli Ahad, Founder, Intelligent Machines Limited

Mohammad Oli Ahad is the Founder and CEO of Intelligent Machines Limited, a Dhaka-based enterprise AI products and data science services company. Before starting Intelligent Machines, Mr. Oli worked as a Business Analyst at British American Tobacco's regional IT team, where he led several global and regional projects for 25 countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea—some of the most technologically advanced environments.

05. Nabila Nowrin: The Design of Our Journey, The Making Of Moar, and The Pain and Pleasure of Entrepreneurship

Nabila Nowrin is a Dhaka-based serial entrepreneur, furniture designer, and architect. She is the co-founder of Moar Space Limited, Dhaka's premier coworking space, the contemporary urban furniture design and manufacturing company, Bohu Bangladesh, and the architecture and interior design consultancy firm, Ree Architects. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Nabila worked at Bay Developments, a high-end real estate company in Dhaka, and at NewsCred, a US-based tech startup that Industry Dive and Welcome later acquired.

06. Asif Khan, Co-founder, EDGE Financial Group

Asif Khan is the Co-founder of EDGE Financial Group. The group runs asset management firm EDGE AMC Limited, independent equity research firm EDGE Research & Consulting Limited, and recently launched VC fund EDGE Ventures Limited. Officially launched with its asset management arm in 2018, the group has made a name for its high-quality work within a short period.

07. Amir Salihefendic, Founder and CEO, Doist

Amir Salihefendic is the founder and CEO of Doist — the company behind popular productivity and work apps Todoist, one of the world’s most popular productivity tools used by millions of people, and Twist, an async work communication app that helps remote-friendly teams run an organized, transparent, and balanced workplace. 

08. Abdullah Al-Rezwan, Founder, MBI Deep Dives

Abdullah Al-Rezwan is a Bangladeshi-born US-based business analyst and entrepreneur. He is the founder and author of MBI Deep Dives, a subscription-based newsletter/website that provides in-depth research on publicly listed companies, primarily those listed in the US. MBI Deep Dives runs on a simple model — one deep dive per month on a company of MBI’s choosing, which contains the full spectrum of both quantitative and qualitative research, including financial modeling to help readers better understand the sensitivity of variables and expectations embedded in the stock price. Rezwan, who goes by the alias "Mostly Borrowed Ideas (MBI)" on Twitter, has gained a broad following among the investment and business community in the US and beyond for his "superb insight".

09. Life’s Work: Kazi Faisal Bin Seraj, Country Representative, The Asia Foundation Bangladesh

Kazi Faisal Bin Seraj is The Asia Foundation’s Country Representative in Bangladesh. Working in the international development field since 2006, Mr. Faisal has spent most of his career with BRAC International in Africa and Asia, including Bangladesh and Myanmar. 

10. Zareen Mahmud Hosein, Founding Partner, Snehasish Mahmud & Co, and Founder, Cholpori

Zareen Mahmud Hosein is a Dhaka-based successful serial entrepreneur, with a range of impressive initiatives across sectors. She started her entrepreneurial journey as a Founding Partner at Snehasish Mahmud & Co, one of Bangladesh's top audit, tax, and consulting services firms, and has helped to drive the company's success. She is also the Co-founder of Cholpori, an edtech company focused on transforming K-5 education in Bangladesh, and HerStory Foundation, a publishing and content company dedicated to empowering women and promoting girls' education.

11. Reflections and Ideas: AHM Modasser Billah, Senior Back-end Developer, Doist

AHM Modasser Billah is a Senior Backend Developer at Doist, the company behind popular productivity and work apps such as Todoist and Twist. Before joining Doist, he worked at BriteCore, a US-based insure-tech company. Before that, he worked as a Consultant Software Developer for the National Enterprise Architecture under LICT. Trained at BUET in computer science, Modasser takes a deep interest in the ideas of remote work, a growth mindset, and continuous learning. 

12. On Interactive Cares, EdTech, education of a founder, and personal growth: An interview with Rare Al Samir, Founder and CEO, Interactive Cares

We speak with Interactive Cares Founder and CEO Rare Al Samir about the evolution of Interactive Cares, the huge opportunity in the ed-tech space in Bangladesh, how Interactive Cares has built a fast-growing sustainable business, the state of Interactive Cares operation today, and the strategic direction going forward, the challenges for the company today and its ambition, his lessons from his entrepreneurial journey, books, personal growth and much more.

13. Abdul Gaffar Sadi, Co-founder, and CEO, Drutoloan

Abdul Gaffar Sadi is the Co-founder and CEO of Drutoloan, a Dhaka-based fintech startup that looks to simplify SME financing in Bangladesh and beyond. Before starting Drutoloan, Sadi studied business at the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). Trained in business administration and coming from a middle-class background, Sadi saw the struggles of SME entrepreneurs when it came to accessing investment and finance, which eventually led to the idea of Drutoloan.

14. Inside PriyoShop’s fast-evolving B2B eCommerce play: An Interview with Asikul Alam Khan, CEO, PriyoShop

We speak with PriyoShop Co-founder and CEO Asikul Alam Khan about the evolution of PriyoShop into a B2B e-commerce platform, the huge opportunity in the B2B e-commerce space in Bangladesh, how PriyoShop has built an asset-light model to address the supply chain challenges for the small mom-and-pop shops in Bangladesh and the suppliers, the state of PriyoShop’s operation today, its fast-evolving B2B business model, the challenges for the company today and its ambition going forward, his lessons from his entrepreneurial journey and much more.

15. Founder at work: Faym Bappi on HypeScout, influencer marketing, and the journey of an early-stage startup

Faym Bappi is the co-founder and CEO of HypeScout, Bangladesh’s first influencer marketing platform that is now plotting to go regional. Before starting HypeScout, Faym worked at Pathao, one of the early Bangladeshi startups to receive global attention, where he worked at the intersection of marketing and technology. Trained in computer science, Faym always wanted to build his own thing, a passion that eventually led him to start HypeScout. 

16. Online pharmacy, entrepreneurship, and life lessons with Azra Salim, Founder, Shombhob Health

Azra Salim is the founder and CEO of online pharmacy and healthcare startup Shombhob Health. Before starting Shombhob Health, Ms. Azra worked in senior leadership positions in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Bangladesh. Before that, she worked in the US for several years where she worked as a consultant to Fortune 500 Companies. 

17. Dumebi Egbuna on building Chezie, all things employee resource groups (ERGs), and the founder’s journey

Dumebi Egbuna is the Co-founder and CMO of Chezie, an East Coast-based startup that provides an all-in-one solution for building, tracking, and managing employee resource groups (ERGs). Before starting Chezie, Dumebi worked at IBM within their sales organization where she was responsible for driving the company’s strategic initiatives for data and AI brand. 


This is only one part of our work in 2023. In the year, we published some 247 pieces of writings and interviews. We hosted FS talks for several months, launched a workshop series, and published whitepapers in collaboration with our partners. We plan to publish an overview annual update in the coming days. 

We thank all of you for paying your invaluable attention to our work. Please reach out with questions, ideas, or any suggestions for us to improve in 2014 at ruhul@futurestartup.com. Also, we're looking for partners to support our work in 2024, learn more here

Ayrin Saleha Ria works at Future Startup as a full-time Research Associate. She has a background in Applied Sociology. Before joining the FS team, she worked and volunteered with a number of social organizations. As someone who comes from a social science background, she takes a deep interest in research around important social-economic challenges in our society. A voracious reader, Ayrin is passionate about working for the betterment of society, takes a deep interest in human society and behavioral science, and loves books.

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