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Udvash Introduces Parallel Text to Improve Learning Outcome For HSC Students

Udvash is known for delivering high-quality and exceptional education and educational services. It has a long track record of innovating new approaches and models to teaching and learning. With Udvash Parallel Text, the company continues that streak of meaningful education solution development for students in Bangladesh.

Rahm is a first-year Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), also known as college in Bangladesh, student at a prominent college in Dhaka. He has done excellent in his  Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam and wants to study at BUET, Bangladesh’s leading engineering university, after HSC. 

However, Rahm found himself in an unusual challenge when he started college. All his HSC subjects have multiple government-approved textbooks. 

HSC usually takes two years to complete. It is particularly important for students in Bangladesh because your HSC result combined with the depth of your understanding of the HSC curriculum can determine your eventual university admission test outcome that students appear for after passing HSC. 

This is one of the reasons Rahm is even more perplexed. His core science subjects—math, biology, chemistry, and physics—should ideally have 8 textbooks for two years but there are some 25-30. While almost all the books cover the same concepts and ideas, there are meaningful differences in details and you never know what question will make the final cut. 

It would have been ideal for Rahm if he could go through all the available textbooks for each subject and note down the differences and additional points. But that will be quite infeasible and ineffective as a strategy. HSC science is already tough enough as it is. You get only two years to master quite an extensive syllabus. Moreover, it will be quite expensive to buy all these different textbooks for each subject. 

The second challenge with the existing textbook format is that they don’t come with enough examples of practice questions for the HSC exam as well as for the university admission test that follows afterward. 

Rahm has been on the lookout for a solution to this pesky problem for a while. He thought it would have been ideal if someone came up with a parallel textbook that incorporated core concepts and ideas and important details from all these different books along with enough practice and past exam questions for the HSC exam and university admission tests. 

Rahm is not alone. In HSC, students often struggle when choosing their textbooks. Moreover, students have limited preparation time to cover a quite extensive syllabus, making it quite challenging for students to prepare for the HSC exam. 

Meet Unvash Parallel Text 

This is exactly what Udvash Academic & Admission Care, the leading shadow education institute in Bangladesh, is trying to solve with its newly launched Udvash parallel text. Udvash has a long track record of offering high-quality education and educational services to students across Bangladesh. This new initiative speaks to that track record. 

Parallel textbooks are not uncommon and can be extremely useful in contexts where multiple meaningfully different answers or discussions to certain textbook questions exist. Parallel text can mean showing the same content presented in multiple books written by different authors in a summarized format or a comprehensive structure. 

Udvash Parallel textbooks are, however, quite different in terms of how they are prepared and designed. Instead of merely putting content from different textbooks in one giant book, Udvash’s experienced educators conducted extensive research on all the available textbooks in the market and subsequently developed a consolidated resource known as the "Parallel Text." Udvash parallel texts are currently available for four HSC science subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics for both the 1st and 2nd papers. 

Additionally, each parallel textbook includes extensive practice questions for both the HSC exam as well as for the subsequent university admission exam. 

In a nutshell, Udvash Parallel Texts provides students with a comprehensive preparation tool for both HSC board examinations and admission test exams afterward by incorporating medical, engineering, and university admission exam questions at the end of select topics within each chapter of each Parallel Text.

Making Learning Effective 

Along with solving the consolidation challenges of various approved texts, Udvash Parallel Text also looks at addressing deeper learning challenges students face. A major source of frustration for many HSC candidates is their difficulty in comprehending the theoretical discussions presented in textbooks. Consequently, numerous students fail to grasp essential concepts and lose interest in studying. This leads to subpar performance in the HSC exam and subsequent university admission tests that are largely based on HSC content. 

To address this challenge and captivate students' interest, Udvash Parallel Text has been crafted using clear and accessible language, complemented by an abundance of real-life examples, narratives, illustrations, and visuals. 

Mathematical illustrations have been seamlessly integrated after each topic's explanation, offering insight into practical applications and assisting in problem-solving. A dedicated section presents crucial definitions, characteristics, distinctions, and similar elements to further aid comprehension. Common errors are pointed out under a section called "Caution" for the sake of clarity. Every chapter concludes with "Important Practice Problems" and "Mathematical Problems" that students can use to enhance their preparation.

However, comprehending the concepts alone isn't sufficient, students also need ample practice. An additional section called "Topic-Wise Questions" and answers from previous years has been included at the end of significant topics within each chapter to aid this process. 

This section comprises solutions to past board examination questions and questions from admission tests in medical, dental, engineering, and other universities. By following a systematic practice regimen through this approach, students can thoroughly prepare for board exams while simultaneously gearing up for admission tests. 

Going Deeper

Udvash Parallel Text Books have been created to help students excel in their preparation for both the HSC board exam and admission tests. 

Additionally, for those who may have deficiencies in their foundational knowledge from ninth and tenth grades, each book provides the means to address and overcome those weaknesses.

Each topic in the textbooks is introduced using a diverse range of narratives to facilitate a student's comprehension of fundamental concepts and promote their proficiency in these subjects. Each book also incorporates various visual aids, such as illustrations, cartoons, and graphs, to illustrate these narratives effectively. 

A color-coding system has been implemented in different parts of the book. For instance, definitions, characteristics, distinctions, and similar elements are color-coded to help students identify areas requiring greater attention with ease.

Drawing from its extensive teaching experience over many years now, Udvas has identified certain common challenges students face such as comprehending specific aspects of a topic or the potential for misunderstandings. 

Udvash Parallel Text Books addresses these misconceptions and challenges by incorporating elements such as warnings and common error indicators. When a student encounters a potential stumbling block in a topic, the warning section serves as a reminder, prompting them to exercise caution and avoid repeating the same mistake.

Each Parallel Textbook includes color-coded sets of questions presented after each topic. These sections neatly compile and provide solutions to board examination questions, admission test questions, and other related inquiries specifically linked to that topic. 

The Parallel Text also incorporates various brain teasers and conceptual questions, enabling a student to thoroughly grasp each topic before progressing to the next one. 

By diligently studying and practicing these books, a student can not only strengthen their foundation for the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination but also significantly advance their readiness for admission tests.


Udvash is well-known for its unique philosophy of education in the shadow education space in Bangladesh—the belief that the primary purpose of education is to help create capable individuals. Such individuals, in turn, contribute to the betterment of the world and the well-being of their country and community. Udvash defines a qualified person as someone possessing four essential qualities: critical thinking, confidence, commitment, and a strong moral compass. 

Since its inception, Udvas has been tirelessly working to facilitate the development of these qualities in its students through their academic journey. Udvash emphasizes that being virtuous is more important than being an exceptional student.

Concerning HSC textbooks, as we mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of books authored by different authors available in the market. These books vary significantly in terms of content presentation and the inclusion of information. Consequently, students often find it necessary to consult multiple books for comprehensive exam preparation in a single subject. 

In the context of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics for HSC, there should traditionally be eight textbooks. However, the number of available textbooks has surged to more than two to three times that amount. On average, this translates to approximately 25 to 30 books. Not only is this quantity burdensome for students but it also comes with significant costs.

To address this challenge, Udvash gathered its experienced educators, conducted extensive research on all the available textbooks in the market, and subsequently developed a consolidated resource to create "Parallel Text." 

Udvash parallel texts are now available for all four HSC science subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. The Parallel Texts provide students with comprehensive preparation for both board examinations and admission test exams. 

Udvash currently operates 67 branches nationwide, boasting a team of over 1500 members, and is known for delivering high-quality and exceptional education and educational services. It has a long track record of innovating new approaches and models to teaching and learning. For instance, in its early days, Udvash discouraged studying traditional notes and memorization. Instead, it encouraged students to develop a deeper understanding of the topics they are studying. 

That orientation has since set Udvash apart from its peers as a unique shadow education institute. With Udvash Parallel Texts, the company continues that streak of innovative and meaningful education solution development for students in Bangladesh.

Ayrin Saleha Ria works at Future Startup as a full-time Research Associate. She has a background in Applied Sociology. Before joining the FS team, she worked and volunteered with a number of social organizations. As someone who comes from a social science background, she takes a deep interest in research around important social-economic challenges in our society. A voracious reader, Ayrin is passionate about working for the betterment of society, takes a deep interest in human society and behavioral science, and loves books.

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