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GoZayaan expands EMI facility to make travel accessible to more people

GoZayaan, the online travel tech platform has been on an unstoppable journey to shift the country’s travel scene from offline to online. The company has proven its drive for innovation by constantly introducing new and exciting products to the market. 

The Go-Safe program, integrated RT-PCR tests with international flights, travel loan, an ecosystem of travel services, etc. were just the beginning, the company is now looking to go further. In an effort to make travel simpler and accessible to more people, GoZayaan has recently introduced an extensive EMI facility. 

While EMI facility is a growing trend in Bangladesh, GoZayaan says it offers unique benefits to customers that they can’t get anywhere else. 

GoZayaan EMI facility: freedom to travel 

GoZayaan currently offers EMI facilities for 6 banks and financial institutions including SCB, Amex, EBL, Brac Bank, UCB, MTB, and Lankabangla. The EMI facility is available for all GoZayaan products which include flights, hotels, and tours. The company says its initiative can be set apart from the rest as for the first time in Bangladesh, an OTA has introduced 0% EMI facilities for flights. 

People who couldn't consider flights before for different reasons can avail EMI facilities with 0% interest upto 6 months without any extra charge. If travelers want more time to pay off the costs, they can pay in installments for upto 12 months at minimal competitive charges which are even lower than bank EMI rates. 

To ensure the utmost benefit for travelers, the company offers upto 4% lower rates than regular bank EMI charges, enabling every traveler to explore limitlessly.

The EMI processing is fully automated and can be completed online, eliminating the need for lengthy application procedures and fees. One can choose EMI facilities while confirming payment for their travel-related products and be worry-free about further payments. 

The EMI amount is refundable with only the nominal EMI charges being deducted during the refund procedure. For further information, go to the GoZayaan website which contains detailed information regarding the EMI policy. 

GoZayaan says its EMI facility has received an excellent response from users so far. Since the launch of the EMI facility for payment in October 2021, it has had an average growth of 21% over the past 6 months between November ’21 to April ’22. 

The same period has also seen excellent growth in international travel. For instance, 7.82% of total flight ticket purchasers of GoZayaan over the past 6 months have traveled to international destinations. There has also been an 82.45% increase in the monthly number of international flight tickets being purchased over the past 6 months.

Limitless benefits and flexibility 

This move to offer a unique EMI facility to customers comes after GoZayaan introduced its brand campaign Go Limitless last month. GoZayaan announced a new brand campaign in Ramadan 2022 with an ambition to offer limitless benefits and flexibility to travelers. 

“Go limitless” campaign positioned GoZayaan as a brand that understands travelers and the essence of travel at a time when the world is opening up and people look to explore. The company promises limitless deals, benefits, and flexibility throughout the year. 

“Travel is for everyone regardless of what their preferences are,” a representative of GoZayaan says, “and GoZayaan exists for the traveler’s dreams, so they can be limitless.”  

GoZayaan has been on a roll of late. The company acquired Pakistani travel tech startup FindMyAdventure early this year in a move to expand regionally. Before that, the company introduced a new brand look on 27th January 2022 with an ambition to bring “innovation to the constantly changing travel scene”. 

With the new expansive EMI facility, the company seeks to go further. 

In the past, before the coronavirus pandemic, families used to prefer visiting international destinations. People did not get that opportunity in the last two years amid the pandemic. As travelers open up to exploration after a two-year-long wait, GoZayaan seeks to position itself as a brand that empowers travelers to explore with financial flexibilities such as EMI and travel loan. 

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