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GoZayaan launches new brand campaign, teases limitless benefits for travelers

GoZayaan, the Dhaka-headquartered multinational travel-tech startup, has announced a new brand campaign with an ambition to offer limitless benefits and flexibility to travelers as the world reopens for travel after almost two years of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The campaign titled “Go limitless”, aims to position the company as a brand that understands travelers and the essence of travel at a time when the world is opening up and a long vacation awaits people after the holy month of Ramadan. Travel is for everyone regardless of what their preferences are. Some prefer the calm of nature while others prefer the hustle and bustle of big cities. The traveler has endless dreams that will never stop. GoZayaan says (with the campaign) it exists for the traveler’s dreams, so they can be limitless.  

The psychology towards travel has shifted vastly over the last decade. Propelled by rising disposable incomes and a growing appetite for exploration, a growing number of people are now traveling abroad and locally with family. Moreover, after 2 years of coronavirus-related restrictions, international travel has opened up almost in full swing. It will be possible to travel beyond borders with little to no restrictions. This presents an excellent opportunity for travelers. 

With the new initiative, GoZayaan seeks to meet the demand of the time. The company promises limitless deals, benefits, and flexibility as people prepare to go on a long vacation. While the announcement comes before Eid, the company says it wants to provide travelers with benefits throughout the year.  

Psychology of travel takes a turn 

The idea originates in the needs of the modern-day traveler. Travelers today want control over their travel—from planning to execution to schedule to making different choices. Security and safety are of paramount importance when one is traveling to unknown places. Travelers want to rely on the service provider, expect accountability, and want brands to take responsibility for their actions. In the past, people used to opt for fixed plan tour packages but it is no longer relevant. Travelers today want freedom, options, and flexibility to choose from available options. 

GoZayaan has studied the needs and demands of travelers today and has developed a set of value propositions to address the needs. 

The company has established brand safety measures to meet the accountability demands of the customers. Travel booking has been made super simple. Book and become worry-free. GoZayaan platform allows travelers complete control for customization—travelers can choose flights, tours, and hotels as they prefer. Experience has been made seamless. To amplify everything, the company now offers unmatched deals with multiple options. 

As we have written before: to make booking super simple, GoZayaan has introduced an omnichannel travel booking solution allowing customers to make reservations at any time, from anywhere via the website and android app. Since GoZayaan maintains the same process for booking flights, hotels, and tours, you just simply go to its website, choose your preferred mode of travel, compare prices and book the most convenient option for you. 

Customers can also call GoZayaan customer agents if they prefer to speak with human agents and are skeptical of booking digitally. The company says the service helps improve customer trust and convert offline users to online. 

A superior technology solution has made the service fast and reliable. The highly optimized website returns results within 10-15 seconds. The user-friendly UI eliminates confusion. The search and filter options help find your desired information effortlessly. The hotel listing comes with detailed information about the amenities and policies of each hotel. 

GoZayaan has attempted to make travel services easier to access with round-the-clock customer support, an omnichannel travel booking solution, and by making reservations possible at any time, from anywhere via the website, android app, hotline, and messenger. 

GoZayaan Tours allows travelers to design customized tours. Using GoZayaan Tours, you can book a wide range of local tours and activities across Bangladesh from expeditions at the Sundarbans to deep-sea exploration at Cox's Bazar to a day tour to Mawa Ghat. Each tour comes with details such as price, safety, family friendliness, adventure, fun, etc to help customers make the right choice. 

To make travel financing super flexible, GoZayaan offers EMI facilities across flights, hotels, and tours. The entire process can be completed online and designed to be simple, easy, and quick. The documents required are minimal. The conditions are flexible. 

On the transportation end, GoZayaan has all the domestic airlines on its platform and covers all the popular domestic flight routes. Customers can choose flights based on their needs such as cost, speed/time, and so on.

Last year, it added buses allowing users to book bus tickets and hire buses without leaving the GoZayaan platform.

GoZayaan has built an ecosystem of travel services. It introduced a travel advisory feature called GoSafe to provide safety verification for accommodations and destinations. 

A newly launched fare trend feature helps customers see flight fare trends and choose the cheapest fare.

GoZayaan has been on a roll of late. The company acquired Pakistani travel tech startup FindMyAdventure early this year in a move to expand regionally. Prior to that, the company introduced a new brand look on 27th January 2022 with an ambition to bring “innovation to the constantly changing travel scene, ensuring utmost convenience for travelers in every step”. 

With the new brand campaign, the company seeks to go further. 

Go limitless, GoZayaan

The new brand campaign from GoZayaan comes at a time when Muslims across the world are fasting. Ramadan is an important month. At the end of Ramadan, Eid comes with long vacation opportunities when people usually prefer to travel along with their families. 

In the past, before the coronavirus pandemic, families used to prefer visiting international destinations during long vacations. People did not get the opportunity to travel in the last two years amid the pandemic. After a two-year-long wait, a long vacation has presented itself at a time when all countries are lifting restrictions and reopening borders. 

As travelers prepare for a long vacation, GoZayaan seeks to position itself as a brand that empowers travelers to explore. 

Founded in 2017, GoZayaan has gained popularity and trust with travelers within a short time using a combination of innovation and service. GoZayaan says it now has over 500,000 monthly active users with 40% repeat customers. The company claims to have 10X growth in 12 months despite the pandemic. The growth has been possible because of its strategic foresight to see where the travel is going.  

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