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In an interesting move, safe food startup Green Grocery introduces grocery as a gift service for individual customers and businesses

Using Green Grocery’s grocery as a gift service, customers and businesses can now send high-quality grocery products as gifts. 

We live in a functional age where the functional features of an object often outweigh the importance of the aesthetic values of things. But the best solution would have been to find a balance between the two — enjoy aesthetic values without sacrificing the functionality. 

Grocery is something that we generally view from a functional sense. We buy groceries to consume and it rarely matters how the packaging looks or the delivery experience feels. But life gets elevated when we find beauty in the mundane. It empowers our senses and makes life slightly more bearable than it usually is. 

To that end, safe food brand Green Grocery has been attempting a revolution of sorts. The company, since its inception, has wanted to turn grocery into an experience with its beautiful packaging and excellent customer experience.  

The company now aims to take the experience one step further. In an interesting move, Green Grocery announced this week that it has introduced a new service called Grocery as a gift. The service will allow Green Grocery customers to send grocery products as a gift to anyone they want. The company says individual customers, as well as businesses, can use its gift service. Green Grocery provides branding facilities for businesses allowing companies to send company-branded grocery gifts. 

This can be called the perfect blend of both aesthetics and functionalities. When we think about gifts, we generally don’t consider groceries or similar products as an option. We rather go for fancy and expensive things that although high in aesthetic value, lack functionality. Many of these gifts rarely come to any use later. Contrary to that, groceries have high functional value and if you have aesthetic values attached, grocery can serve as a perfect gift that serves both needs. 

“We send or receive gifts on numerous occasions—be it Women’s Day, World Health Day, or the annual religious or cultural festivals such as Eid, Pahela Baishakh, Christmas, etc. Green Grocery has leaped forward to revolutionize the gift culture in Bangladesh by introducing the non-conventional aspects of its premium grocery items,” the company says in a statement. 

Grocery as a gift service

Green Grocery has announced a number of special features of the service:  

Packaging: Green Grocery already puts meaningful importance on the packaging. The company says gift service comes with further upgradation in packaging. Packages are not only more beautiful but they are also designed smarter and more attractive. Customers can also suggest design preferences for bulk orders. 

Businesses can have company-branded grocery gifts: In the last few years, we have seen a growing trend where companies are sending grocery gifts to employees and customers on special occasions such as Ramadan, Eid, and other cultural and religious occasions. Green Grocery says the grocery as a gift service will offer corporate partners to use of custom branding on their gifts. For example, you can have your design, idea or have the logo of your business on the packaging. The company provides custom design services under the package. 

Customize your gift: Gift as a service comes with customizability where customers can use options like flowers or ribbons as a value-added service. Customers can choose their combo by picking available products and adding more products to them.

Home delivery: Green Grocery delivers the boxes on the customer’s behalf.

“Premium grocery products wrapped in intriguing boxes make excellent corporate gifts and gifts for any personal need such as for family members, friends, etc,” the company says. 

Green Grocery
Green Grocery

Launched as a small operation in 2020 with some 30 products and a small team, Green Grocery targets a growing consumer demand for safe foods in Bangladesh. The company now sells more than 40 products including tulsi mala Rice, mustard Oil, gawa ghee, pure honey, various types of secret recipe masala, homemade jelly, peanut butter and has experienced excellent growth. 

Green Grocery says it closely collaborates with a grassroots farming community using a team of young representatives. Green Grocery raised an undisclosed pre-seed investment in December 2021. 

Safe brands have a bad rep in the market for being expensive. Companies who sell these products say that it is expensive to produce and sell safe food products and that customers should support these brands so that they can offer safe food at scale. 

Green Grocery positions itself in the middle between affordable and premium. Green Grocery sees there is a space between these two extremes where it can offer a reasonable price and ensure quality and serve a customer base who are underserved by the existing players in the market. 

Green Grocery has launched several innovative products in the past months. Last month, it launched a grocery subscription product that allows customers to automate their monthly grocery orders. 

Grocery as a gift is an interesting idea. There has been a growing micro-trend where people and businesses do send groceries as gifts to their friends and family and customers and employees. Green Grocery aims to build an early lead in the vertical with its grocery as a gift service.

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