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Praava Health Accepted Into Project Amplify

Praava Health, Bangladesh's fastest-growing healthcare brand, announced on Tuesday that it has been accepted into the prestigious Project Amplify program, a joint initiative between Microsoft and Accenture.

Founded in 2020, Project Amplify works to support social impact and sustainability focused entrepreneurs and startups from Singapore, Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka, and more to deepen their reach. The program provides access to the latest technologies, as well as know-how, expertise and mentoring from both Accenture and Microsoft. The companies will help startups test and validate proof-of-concepts to re-envision and expand the impact and social benefit of their solutions.

Founder and CEO of Praava Health, Sylvana Q Sinha noted, "Our acceptance into the Microsoft for Startups program is a strong validation of our success in using cutting-edge technology to solve critical challenges facing the healthcare industry in Bangladesh. We look forward to support from the Microsoft/Accenture program in amplifying our social impact and enhancing positive transformation through increasingly innovative tech solutions."

Through the program, Microsoft for Startups, Microsoft Research India, and Accenture Labs will help Praava Health to:

  1. Test and validate proof-of-concepts of the technology solutions designed and co-developed during the program
  2. Conduct design thinking sessions to help re-envision the impact of their solutions
  3. Explore using Microsoft technologies to support operations

Project Amplify aims to nurture startups through a year-long mentoring program and use Microsoft's Global Social Entrepreneurship Program and network to help startups scale their impact.

Acceptance into the prestigious Project Amplify program required Praava Health to complete a rigorous application process that confirmed it exceeded the program's stringent guidelines.

Praava is a Dhaka-based "brick-and-click" healthcare platform that integrates digital health and in-clinic experiences convenient to where everyone lives, works, and clicks. Praava's digital products include patient portal app, telemedicine, e-pharmacy, and a digital concierge for at-home primary care services.

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