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Vroom Launches Used Vehicle Search Party, Aims to Make Buying Reconditioned Vehicles Seamless

Vroom, a 360-degree online platform for vehicle services based in Dhaka, announced that it has launched an enhanced version of its used vehicle buying service called Vroom Vehicle Search Party. The service aims to provide a comprehensive solution to the problem of finding and buying used and reconditioned vehicles in Bangladesh. 

Buying used or reconditioned vehicles could be a challenge. The process involves a long list of complex activities such finding quality cars, pre-purchase vehicle inspection, ownership confirmation, negotiation, ownership transfer and so on. Most individual vehicle buyers find this process unfriendly, complicated and uncomfortable. Many face challenges with finding and verifying vehicles and inspection. Others need support with pre-purchase quality checks and ownership transfer. 

Vroom’s vehicle buying service offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. “We provide hassle-free Vehicle Buying Experience at one go,” says the company on its website. The company has a team of dedicated auto experts who help customers in getting the best deals on vehicles. Vroom’s search party offer a long list of services for potential car buyers including: 

  • Car search: Finding the right vehicle could be a challenge. Vroom vehicle expert team create a short list of 3 vehicles for customers to select from as per your criteria
  • Pre-purchase inspection: Vroom checks the vehicle of your choice and give you a report on the health and status of the vehicle 
  • Ownership document check: Vroom checks all the documents to ensure authenticity 
  • Negotiation assistance: If customer need, Vroom helps you in negotiating the best deal 
  • Transfer assistance: Vroom provides ownership transfer support, you need to pay related fees and expenses
  • Loan assistance: If you need car loan, Vroom has partnered with Banks to help its customers with loan processing
  • Vroom also provides free wash and sanitization for all vehicles purchased through Vroom before delivery

Additionally, Vroom provides round the year maintenance through its workshop. And for any vehicle related services, customers can access Vroom’s dedicated Call Center and Auto Engineer Support. 

Founded in 2017, Vroom started as an on-demand at-home car wash and polish service. The company has since expanded to cover almost all vehicle services, including reconditioned cars buy/sell, on-demand wash and polish, maintenance, fleet management, and everything vehicle-related. Today, Vroom has created an integrated ecosystem of vehicle management services and you can conveniently call it a complete vehicle services platform. 

The company now aims to become the leader in automobile industry automation and standardization in Bangladesh. The enhanced version of its used or recondition vehicle buying service could potentially aid it in strengthening its already growing ecosystem. 


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