How to Build The Future: 4 Founders Share Strategies They Used to Grow Their Startup in The Early Days

Sep 16, 2021

In nature, things that stop growing, die. That’s true for startups as well. Startups are all about growth. As YC founder Paul Graham puts it: startup = growth. Companies that stop growing eventually die. Growth, however, is not easy. It takes hard work and focus to achieve consistent growth. 

In this collection of lessons from founders, we asked 4 founders on how they approach growth and what helped their companies to grow in the early days. The answers offer revealing insights into the intricacies of early stage growth and actionable strategies for eager startups and founders to apply. 

We feature: Tamzid Siddiq Spondon is the founder and Managing Director of Neofarmers. Kowser Ahmed is the founder and CEO of The KOW Company. Waliullah Bhuiyan is the founder and CEO of Light of Hope. Mehedi Hasan is the founder and CEO of MyCash Online. Yanur Islam Piash is the founder and CEO of Bohubrihi. 

Future Startup: What are some of the things that have helped you in growing your business? 

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