Bangladesh's Leading Digital Healthcare Startup Maya Launches in Pakistan

Jul 15, 2021

Maya, Bangladesh's leading healthtech startup — currently the no #1 health app on Google Play Store — has launched in Pakistan today. Using the Maya app, users can chat with a doctor, take video consultations, get diagnostic support, buy health products, and do much more.

Today, Maya, a Bangladeshi-origin and Singapore-based digital healthcare company that provides mobile-based digital health services, announced that it has officially launched in Pakistan. 

The launch follows a USD 2.2 million fundraising round in February led by Anchorless Bangladesh and The Osiris Group. Maya already provides an all-in-one health solution through its more than 150 experts to over 10 million users in Bangladesh and claims to be the largest telehealth company in the country. 

Pakistan is the third market for Maya after Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The company is also eyeing to enter a few Middle Eastern countries and Southeast Asian markets.

Maya says all its services such as video consultation, medicine delivery, diagnostic supports, etc and features including connecting with a doctor through chatbot, video consultation with experts, BMI calculator, instant consultation through butterfly bot, period tracker, pregnancy week by week are now available to users in Pakistan. 

What you need to know: 

  • Maya uses a mobile-based digital health service that leverages artificial intelligence and natural language programming to intelligently understand user questions and connect them directly to licensed and trusted experts ranging from doctors, clinicians, wellbeing experts to psychotherapists. 
  • Users can ask their healthcare questions via text messages anonymously and get answers from trusted physicians and experts. 
  • Maya also offers on-demand video consultations with experts, pharmacy delivery, diagnostic support, a one stop insurance support, and other healthcare services. 
  • The company says it offers a holistic solution for all the healthcare needs and plans to partner up with the major pharmacies, diagnostic centers and hospitals in Pakistan.

What is interesting: Maya says it offers a unique telehealth solution and is going to be the only telemedicine provider in Pakistan that uses technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve healthcare problems. The company’s service is expected to directly contribute to reducing the burden on the doctor-patient ratio in the country. 

The timing

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