Arogga, Started as a Digital Pharmacy, Aims to Go Deeper Into Digital Healthcare in Bangladesh

Jun 20, 2021

Controlling counterfeit medicine is an ongoing battle in Bangladesh, where fraudulent or low-quality pharmaceuticals account for 20% of the country's yearly medication sales. The pharmacies are frequently understocked, and someone with a prescription must visit three or four separate pharmacies to obtain all of the medications on that prescription. Many times, people are forced to hunt for a different brand of their medication due to the unavailability of the prescribed one.

To address these concerns, Arogga, a health-tech startup, claims that it is supplying a complete range of genuine medications to users at a reasonable price. In addition, the company also offers over-the-counter items, including vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, sexual health and fem care products,  mother care products, beauty care products, and many more.

Medicine delivery is a growing market in Bangladesh and Arogga is making a difference by facilitating access through technology. Founded in 2020, Arogga has had over 70,000 app downloads and has delivered over 30,000 medicines to date, the company claims. The user will simply have to log on to the app, upload a photo of their prescription, and complete the payment to receive their medicines right at their doorstep. While the company started with on-demand medicine delivery aka online pharmacy, it intends to provide 360-degree digital health services including online medical appointments, expert consultations, lab testing, and healthcare insurance.

Healthcare is an integrated service which means services such as doctor consultation, lab testing, and other similar services are interconnected and allows for aggregation. Arogga looks to take this advantage to build out more services and scale into adjacent verticals. There has been a race to build integrated digital healthcare solutions in Bangladesh of late. A host of new digital healthcare services startups such as Amarlab, Doctorkoi, Praava Health among others all want to build integrated solutions using the technology’s ability to aggregate. This market reality could create competitive challenges for Aroggo and other players in the vertical.  


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Naziba Ali is currently in her 3rd year at IBA, University of Dhaka. She is a business enthusiast who likes to capitalize on every available opportunity and explore her potential. She is also a passionate writer who believes in the mightiness of compelling storytelling. Documentaries and docuseries are her go-to when it comes to learning about world issues in an informative, yet captivating manner. She can be reached at

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