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The Future Startup Dossier: Truck Lagbe

Started in 2017, Truck Lagbe is an online platform that connects truck owners/drivers and shippers. Truck Lagbe directly connects truck owners with people who need to hire trucks. Truck owners could register their trucks and bid for trips. Shippers could download the shipper app and hire a truck with a few clicks on their mobile phones. 

For truck owners, finding customers in a return trip has always been a challenge, which usually contributed to the overall volatile nature of pricing in the industry. With Truck Lagbe, finding customers in a return trip is much more likely and almost predictable for a truck driver which improves overall business for truck owners and helps stabilize pricing for everyone. 

In simple, Truck Lagbe does a few things for both individual and business shippers as well as truck owners and thus for the broader trucking industry: 1) it improves the overall experience of hiring a truck in Bangladesh, for both businesses and consumers 2) it enables better coordination 3) reduces friction in the entire process 4) improves efficiency and price for everyone involved. In this dossier, we aim to offer you an in-depth understanding of Truck Lagbe, its business, and its ambition. 


1. Truck Lagbe Enterprise Solutions: Enabling Businesses with Effortless Logistics

2. Truck Lagbe’s New App, Uberization of Trucking, and Truck Lagbe’s Real Motivation

3. Truck Lagbe’s Multi-pronged Strategy To Make On-demand Trucking a Reality In Bangladesh: Technology, Trust, Transparency, and Tenacity

4. Logistics Is A Real Challenge For SMEs, Truck Lagbe Offers An Excellent Solution

5. How Truck Lagbe Has Made Home-shifting Simple and Affordable

6. Truck Lagbe: A Single Click Will Move Anything

7. Truck Lagbe Raises New Funding, Plots Big Growth Push

8. Truck Lagbe Opens Up Its Platform, Aggregator, And The Business Of Truck Lagbe

8. How Truck Lagbe Is Taking On An Age-old Transportation Industry: An Interview With Anayet Rashid, Founder and CEO, Truck Lagbe


  1. In Conversation with Anayet Rashid, Founder & CEO, Truck lagbe | Powered by Grameenphone
  2. Truck Lagbe:: CEO talked about struggles of startups
  3. Truck Lagbe pitch at Startup Challenge 2017

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