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How Internet is Transforming the Future of Commerce with Morin Talukder, CEO, Pickaboo

How Internet is Transforming the Future of Commerce with Morin Talukder, CEO, Pickaboo

Welcome to our new series Possible If You Want, powered by Grameenphone, exploring the power and possibilities of the internet. Over the perhaps last 20 years, the internet has reshaped our world. Today, we communicate and connect differently. We shop and consume differently. We build companies and solve problems differently. The internet has penetrated and transformed almost every area of our lives.

This series is about our innate possibilities, the power of the internet, and what happens when we bridge the two. We’ll be interviewing some of the country’s successful technology entrepreneurs and learn about their vision, their take on the power and possibilities of the internet, how they personally and their businesses use technology to tackle some of the pressing problems of our society and much more.

All the stories will be exclusively published in Future Startup and you can find them here.

The interview

Pickaboo CEO Morin Talukder on how the internet has transformed the future of retail, how the internet has transformed our lives and work, how the internet has enabled individuals to access resources and pursue possibilities and opportunities, and much more. 

In this excellent interview with Mr. Morin, we dig deeper into a wide range of topics from the power and possibilities of the internet, how the internet has driven down the cost of starting companies, how Pickaboo operates, the impact of the internet and technology on the retail industry in Bangladesh, how the internet is shaping the future of commerce, how the internet has allowed Pickaboo to operate and grow amid the pandemic and much more.

About Morin Talukder

Morin Talukder is the CEO of Pickaboo, Bangladesh's one of the earliest and leading ecommerce companies operating at the intersection of online commerce and physical retail. After returning from the United Kingdom in 2015, Morin started his career as an entrepreneur by founding an ecommerce company called He ran that company for over a year until joining Pickaboo as the Head of Digital Marketing and Product Development. Morin has eventually been named the Chief Executive Officer of Pickaboo in 2019.

Both as the Chief Marketing and Product Officer and now as the CEO of Pickaboo, Morin has implemented a number of strategies that helped position Pickaboo as one of the key players in Dhaka’s eCommerce scene. In 2020, Pickaboo launched its first offline store with an ambition to build an O2O commerce company and connect its offline and online operations to serve customers better and gain sustainable competitive advantages in the market.

About Pickaboo

Pickaboo was founded in 2016. Guaranteed authentic product. Excellent customer service. On-time delivery. And relentless service innovation helped the company to take a commanding position in a fast-growing ecommerce industry in Bangladesh within a short period of time. Today, the company is eyeing to make investments in strategic areas to consolidate its position in the market that will have a far-reaching effect on its growth as well on the digital retail in Bangladesh in the coming years. 

In the first quarter of 2020, Pickaboo launched its first offline retail store in Dhaka with an ambition to connect online and operation and build an omnichannel retail operation in Bangladesh. Equipped with its reputation in the online world and advantage in data and technology, the company aims to build a physical retail chain brand for mobile and gadgets in Bangladesh that will complement its online operation and vice-versa. 

An online-offline operation working in synergy could become an unbeatable combination for Pickaboo. Pickaboo has already opened its first two stores – in Bashundhara City and Jamuna Future Park. The company says the response has been excellent so far and it aims to open 30 more outlets in 2020.  

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How Internet is Transforming the Future of Commerce with Morin Talukder, CEO, Pickaboo 1

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