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How Internet Is Reshaping the Future of Education: An Interview with Yanur Islam Piash, Co-founder and CEO, Bohubrihi

August 19, 2020

Welcome to our new series Possible If You Want, powered by Grameenphone, exploring the power and possibilities of the internet. Over the perhaps last 20 years, the internet has reshaped our world. Today, we connect differently. We build companies and solve problems differently. We shop differently. We communicate differently. We avail services like grocery to healthcare to education differently. The internet has penetrated and transformed every aspect of our lives. 

The internet has given individuals immense power. We can access resources that were impossible to access before. Voice opinions where we did not have one before. The internet has driven down the cost of starting companies for individuals. It has made possible bringing people together at scale to address pressing problems in our society. 

This series is about our innate possibilities, the power of the internet, and what happens when we bridge the two. We’ll be interviewing some of the country’s successful technology entrepreneurs and thought leaders and learn about their vision, their take on the power and possibilities of the internet, how the internet empowers common people and consumers and enables entrepreneurship to the power of the internet in shaping the future of our world, how their businesses are using the power of the technology to tackle some of the pressing problems of our society and much more. All the stories will be exclusively published in Future Startup and you can find them here.

Yanur Islam Piash on the power of the internet, how the internet has enabled individuals to pursue possibilities and opportunities, and how the internet is reshaping the future of education.

In this excellent interview with Mr. Yanur, we dig deeper into a wide range of topics ranging from the power and possibilities of the internet, how the internet has driven down the cost of starting companies, how Bohubrihi operates, the impact of the internet and technology on the education sector in Bangladesh and how the internet is shaping the future of education, how the internet has allowed Bohubrihi to operate and grow amid the pandemic and much more.

About Yanur Islam Piash: Yanur Islam Piash is the co-founder and CEO of the eLearning platform Bohubrihi. The company offers online courses and training, to professionals and university students, designed in collaboration with industry experts and leading academicians. Recently, Bohubrihi has launched its corporate eLearning services where it helps organizations bring their internal Training & Development programs online. This involves the whole process – from creating learning materials to delivering them through Bohubrihi LMS and measuring impact with real-time analytics.

About Bohubrihi: Founded in 2017, Bohubrihi started as a two-person team and an initial investment of 15,000 taka with an ambition to address the challenge of “inadequacy of quality online courses, especially on advanced technical and engineering topics” in Bangladesh and build a world-class eLearning platform for Bangladesh.

“Skills and money both were scarce when we started,” says Mr. Yanur. “We gathered a team of 6-7 people – all are first and second-year students of my department! We started on the idea in late 2016, launched our beta website in late 2017.” The Bohubrihi team, however, has the ambition and a strong desire to build a platform that would serve millions in Bangladesh. Today, Bohubrihi is one of the leading eLearning platforms in Bangladesh offering high-quality courses across disciplines and the Business Standard recently dubbed the platform as “Bangladesh’s answer to Coursera”. 

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