Life’s Work: An Interview With Nizam Uddin, Co-Founder and CEO, weDevs

Life’s Work: An Interview With Nizam Uddin, Co-Founder and CEO, weDevs

weDevs CEO and co-founder Md Nizam Uddin walks us through his early life, how his Childhood and upbringing continue to shape his life and work, his path to what he is doing today, gives us a peek behind the scenes of his company and discusses his philosophy on doing good work, the state of weDevs today and its ambition going forward, how weDevs operates, the art of growing a software company, talks about the challenges of being a founder, building a positive culture, dealing with challenges and stress, and reflects on relying on Allah and the concept of perpetual good deeds in Islam, making a positive difference, and learning to stay productive while living a good life and so much more.

Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

While my parents tried to instill certain values and teaching in me, my father has also given me a lot of freedom. He never forced anything upon me. When needed, he taught me. Nudged me towards doing the right things. It has helped me to grow up independent and learn to think for myself.  

weDevs is not my first startup. I first became interested in entrepreneurship in 2010. Subsequently, I tried to identify problems that could be solved using technology. First, I started a news portal with my friend BM Sharif aimed at campus news and students. Later in 2011, I started working with my friend, Tareq, on education. We provided physical training to 60/70 people, provided free video tutorials, online training, and a freelancing marketplace. But we had to shut it down and the experience was not particularly good. In 2012, I and Tareq started weDevs in a rented house in Rajshahi.

weDevs has 9 large and revenue-generating products and 2 services. Our products have combinedly been downloaded more than 5 million times.

I wake up between 4 and 5 in the morning. If I go to bed late, I usually take a nap after Fajr prayer. I exercise a little in the morning, study, and prepare the instructions that I have to give to my teammates throughout the day. 

My limitations and lack of skills were a challenge as well in the early days. I initially lacked many skills required to run a business. I believe an entrepreneur should not blame others rather he should come up with his strategies to address problems. 

Our business model is freemium. We have a free version of each product and a pro version with more premium features. We have 2 products with monthly subscriptions and the rest are with annual subscriptions. We generate revenue from the pro versions of the products.

We believe that if one is an honest and good person and is willing to learn, his performance will improve, inshaAllah. We value efforts over results. 

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