With Shohoz Health, Shohoz Eyes Growing Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare Services Market

Shohoz, the Dhaka-based technology company that calls itself super-app of Bangladesh, announced that it is about to launch a healthcare solution called Shohoz Health. 

Shohoz Health, scheduled to be launched on May 16th, will provide telemedicine solutions and on-demand medicine delivery. 

The company says it has over 100 doctors and 100 plus pharmacies on its platform. Users will be able to avail telemedicine service and get on-demand medicine delivery using Shohoz Health app. 

Apart from pushing its Shohoz Food service, this is the first time Shohoz is launching a service outside of transportation and delivery amid the pandemic. Shohoz’s main ride-hailing and transportation related businesses remain shutdown amid the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The new initiative into healthcare could offer a viable opportunity for Shohoz. 

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