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Maya is Building an AI-based Healthcare Ecosystem to Serve 250M Bangla Speaking Population

Maya is a digital healthcare platform that provides an anonymous messaging service where users can post their physical health, mental health, psychosocial and legal questions.

The company says it answered some 5000 questions per day and more than 2M users interacted with the platform through app, web, and chatbots in December 2019 alone. Now the company aims even bigger to continue serving more people and growing its user base beyond the borders. It has been running experiments in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to launch some of its services.

Maya uses advanced machine learning to automatically sort and detect spam and route each question to a doctor, counselor, lawyer, or other relevant experts who answer it. Users can ask their questions in Bangla, English, or Banglish and receive responses from experts in the same language.

The inhouse built AI, known as Maya Expert, answers approximately 30% of the incoming questions and has 90% accuracy of answering correctly. 50% of the AI answers get a 5-star rating and it is helping the company to reduce its cost of service delivery by 15% each month on a per-unit basis.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved until now,” said Ivy Huq Russell, Founder & CEO of Maya, in a statement. “We have a team of 50 talented engineers, product managers, designers, AI experts, medical experts, and analysts who are working day and night to improve the platform and make it as comfortable and affordable as possible for our users and experts,” she added.

“Our aim is to go global and build an AI-powered marketplace where anyone in need of healthcare advice can come and get seamlessly connected to an expert, just like calling an Uber or booking Airbnb from your app whenever you need,” said Head of Growth and Marketplace, Nouroz Rahman.

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Muhammad Nazimuddaula, Chief Product Officer of Maya says, “Nowadays AI is a buzzword that can be heard everywhere. But to build a useful AI infrastructure requires a lot of effort, technical efficiency, knowledge input, and most importantly tons of data. Maya has the advantage of having the biggest user base that is adding new queries every minute which continuously improves our system and enabling us to take bigger challenges.”

The company says, 2020 is going to be a big year for Maya as it started expanding its horizon. Keeping AI in the frontline, as the company believes that they have built the capacity of utilizing it to serve people in more ways, the company aims to get deeper into the healthcare ecosystem in Bangladesh and beyond.  


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