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FS Weekly Review #31: Chaldal's Pro-environment Initiative, Evaly Connect, IDLC VC Fund, And More

Grocery Shopping Without A Bag: How Chaldal Executed On An Ambitious Environmental Goal By Encouraging Its Users To Reuse Shopping Bags

Chaldal, the leading online grocery company in Dhaka, has introduced an environment-friendly initiative a few months ago: its customers have to return the shopping bag that they receive during delivery of groceries. Customers could keep the bag for reuse in exchange for an old one or a small charge of Tk 50 and upon return, this petty change is given back. Chaldal decided to move away from plastic packaging to more expensive sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging such as cloth bags.

Evaly Connect: Adding Social Factor To eCommerce In Bangladesh

While there are examples of successful social eCommerce companies in markets like China (Pinduoduo in China that encourage group shopping), India and Indonesia, it was not the case in Bangladesh. This was a limitation for digital commerce companies across the board where shopping became a mere task and a matter of a few clicks. Evaly Connect aims to change that and add a social factor to eCommerce in Bangladesh.

How Flight Expert Was Created

Flight Expert is one of the earliest online travel agencies in the country. Started as a small operation of seven people, the company has seen an excellent growth over the past few years and is now a leader in the OTA space. Flight Expert helps travelers with everything from flights and hotel bookings to planning […]

FS Weekly Review #30

SSD-Tech and Loosely Coupled Technologies Founder Firoze M Zahidur Rahman’s Tips For Early Stage Entrepreneurs Firoze M Zahidur Rahman is the founder and CEO of Loosely Coupled Technologies(LCT), the Kuala Lumpur-based technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence, NLP and Data Analytics in business applications. Prior to LCT, Mr. Firoze founded SSD-Tech and built it into […]

Uber Drivers Go On To Strike In Dhaka And What It Means For Ride-hailing Companies In Bangladesh

The challenging part is that these companies are built on a business model where drivers are considered as merchants/partners like ecommerce platforms and when that relationship with drivers changes into a more permanent relationship like employees, as it is happening in California, it will potentially affect the entire business model of these companies.

IDLC Venture Capital Fund

The fund will focus on a handful of sectors, mostly tech, such as financial technology, entertainment, and lifestyle, enterprise solutions, travel and logistics, core technologies, education technologies, food technologies, agricultural technologies and internet devices.

How Praava Health Was Created

Praava Health, the healthcare startup that describes itself as “a network of Family Health Centers” and provides family doctors and diagnostics services in Dhaka, started its full-fledged operation in Dhaka on February 2018 with one center in Banani. It has since expanded as a team and as a business. The company has six labs that […]

FS Weekly Review #31: Chaldal's Pro-environment Initiative, Evaly Connect, IDLC VC Fund, And More
FS Weekly Review #31: Chaldal's Pro-environment Initiative, Evaly Connect, IDLC VC Fund, And More 1


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