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03 Management Lessons From Mamun Rashid, Managing Partner, PwC Bangladesh

Oct 6, 2019

Mamun Rashid, Managing Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) Bangladesh. Mr. Mamun has a diverse career spanning multiple sectors and countries. Prior to joining PwC Bangladesh, he was the CEO of Citibank N.A., Bangladesh, the first Bangladeshi CEO of an American Bank. He started his career at ANZ Grindlays Bank in Dhaka and Mumbai. In 1993, he moved to Standard Chartered Bank where he successfully built up treasury and financial institutions businesses in Bangladesh.

Mr. Mamun has been teaching various business subjects for the last 20 years as an adjunct and full-time professor and has authored 12 books on contemporary business and economic issues.

In an interview with Future Startup, published in 2017, he shared some of the lessons on management he has learned from his journey so far. You may read the entire interview here.

From Mamun Rashid:

01. Create Opportunities for your people to grow

Creating space and opportunities for my people – the brilliant ones – so that they can grow and contribute is at the core of my management style.

The growth of any organization depends on the growth of its people. When your people are growing, you will grow naturally. That’s nature and this understanding reflects in my management style when it comes to people and organizations.

02. Leadership is about other people

Leadership is not about the self, it is about other people. In order to be effective as a leader, you have to create space for others, be able to take back seat and allow your people to take the lead. You have to be able to see things beyond what only visible and be able to philosophize.

The other thing is the team and having a deeper connection with your team so that they feel they need you.

03. Manage your time wisely

I dedicate one day is Friday for my family. It is quite tough since my wife is also a CEO and she also travels a lot. If both of us are out of the country, we try to join somewhere nearby. She flies down from somewhere, I fly down from somewhere. We spend quality time together. We take this very seriously and make sure that we spend time together every week, invariably, because we had faced a few challenges in the long past because of taking ourselves too lightly.

We try to give time to each other consciously. We have a son who is getting ready to get into a good university in the US. A lot of his mother’s time is going to that. That’s my family's affairs.

I write, although not much these days, mostly write on Saturdays. I have some journalist friends who help me a lot. During the weekdays, it is as usual: meetings, works, and office.

I read every day. I dedicate two hours either in the morning or in the late-night studying things from Katrina Kaif’s life to aeronautics to Donald Trump. I have a diverse reading interest.

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