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Daraz’s Premium Shipping Service Daraz Express Expands

Daraz has a logistics operation almost in every market where it operates including Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and late last year, it has added Bangladesh to that list. The Alibaba owned South Asia focused ecommerce giant has got serious about Daraz Express in Bangladesh. Daraz Bangladesh first started experimenting with Daraz Express in October 2018, three people familiar with the matter told FS. The company has since expanded the coverage and extent of the service. Daraz Bangladesh now offers 24 hours delivery within Dhaka and 48 hours delivery across the country for select products through Daraz Express.

What you need to know

  • Daraz calls Daraz Express ‘the premium shipping service’. It guarantees 24 hours delivery within Dhaka and 48 hours delivery outside Dhaka. However, the service does not cover all across the country just yet.
  • The service is available for a list of select products. Daraz Express delivers products that are already in Daraz warehouse and thus can ensure top quality since the products go through certain QC before going into Daraz Warehouse, and no out of stock cancellations.
  • The products that are eligible for express shipping come with a badge with it.
  • With the express service, Daraz moves on the control one of the important customer experience points.

Why it matters

Daraz has deep pockets. And it has been spending like one. However, the company has been struggling with customer experience coming from multiple fronts including logistics, quality control due to merchant end delivery and so on. Daraz Express is likely to enable the company to ensure better logistics experience for customers and at the same time, through warehouse and QC, it can ensure quality. Tying both, logistics and warehouse, could benefit the company in the long run. At the same time, it should bring competitive benefits to Daraz. The company is by far the leader in ecommerce space in Dhaka. Greater control of logistics should help the company maintain its lead in the market.

Photo courtesy: Daraz Website here.

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