How Shohoz Was Created

Feb 5, 2019

Shohoz is one of the highest valued and most important startups in Dhaka. Before founding Shohoz, Shohoz Founder and Managing Director, Maliha M Quadir worked at some of the top institutions, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered, Nokia, and Vistaprint. Toward the end of 2013, she decided that she is finally ready to pursue her lifelong dream. Starting her own tech company in Bangladesh. She left her job, raised a few million in seed investment and moved back to Bangladesh. Shohoz was born in 2014. A platform where you could buy tickets – bus, events, movie, and launch.

For the first three years, it focused solely on tickets and has built a widely recognizable brand for online ticketing in Bangladesh. In March 2018, Shohoz formally entered the ride-hailing market in Dhaka. A few months into it, it raised US$15M in funding from a host of investors including Golden Gate Ventures of Singapore. The largest funding round in any Bangladeshi early stage company so far. It has entered into food delivery, car and aims to add more services in the future. The startup has aspiration get into the truck and launch fintech products in the coming years. It aims to build a platform. “Shohoz is anything necessary,” says Maliha.

But this description does not convey the full story of how Shohoz was originally founded and the struggles and challenges the company went through in its early days.

In an interview with Future Startup, published in December 2018, Shohoz Founder and Managing Director, Maliha M Quadir explained how Shohoz was founded and what it was like in the early days of Shohoz.

Here is a short version of the story.

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