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Telenor Health Keeps Expanding Its Bundle

Telenor Health announced yesterday that it has entered into a partnership with a host of leading medical services providers in the country including Popular Diagnostic Center, Marie Stopes Bangladesh, IBN Sina Diagnostic & Imaging Center, and Ad Din Hospital. These partnerships, named Premium Partnerships program, will enable Tonic members to enjoy various healthcare benefits.

  • This is an interesting addition to Tonic’s already pretty robust healthcare bundle that includes over the phone doctor consultation, insurance coverage and so on.
  • Telenor Health’s first product in Bangladesh was Tonic Basic, a free version of its flagship Tonic product, which was launched in June 2016.
  • Eventually, it launched two paid products: Tonic Astha and Shurokkha. Its paid product offers extended cash coverage, doctor’s appointment, doctor consultation, and many other features.
  • In 2018, when we interviewed Telenor Health CEO Sajid Rahman for the second time, it had over 5 million users.
  • Recently, it has upped growth push for its paid membership/subscription products in the market. It now offers a pretty comprehensive bundle. This new partnership with the medical center suggests the company is still trying to make the bundle lucrative to the users.

Sajid Rahman, CEO, Telenor Health said, “we are excited to launch ‘Premium Partnership’ with the four prominent medical facilities of Bangladesh. This will help Tonic to grow further per member needs. We believe that this partnership will help us to continue our commitment of empowering the community. We are partnering with these centers to improve health care services and to make it accessible to all. We also plan to do joint health camps and campaigns.”

The details:

The company expects that this partnership will help to reduce the out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures. The healthcare service has been relatively costly in Bangladesh and for this reason, numerous people go for self – treatment and self – medication, especially those who are below the poverty line. The partnership will enable a huge percentage of the population to have access to health care services and different supplement like ginseng to help mental health like concentration and retaining information for many type of patients.

Tonic services would be available to a higher number of customers through this partnership. For example, on a daily basis, almost 70,000 customers visit different healthcare facilities across the country namely Popular Diagnostic Center, Marie Stopes Bangladesh, IBN Sina Diagnostic & Imaging Center, and Ad-Din Hospital. Now under this program, many more will be able to avail services at these providers.

In Popular Diagnostic Center, Tonic members would enjoy 25% discount on Pathology and 20% discount on Radiology. Whereas in Marie Stopes Bangladesh, members would enjoy up to 20% discount at all clinics and up to 10% discount on services at premium maternity. In IBN Sina Diagnostic & Imaging Center, Tonic members would enjoy (25+5)% discount on pathology and (25+5)% discount on radiology. Whereas in Ad-Din Hospital, members would enjoy 10% discount on Pathological test, Radiology & USG, Cesarean Section, other surgery and NICU (except NVD/admission/cabin/paying deeds). Moreover, the percentage of discounts would be higher in Malibagh branch of Ad-Din Hospital.

Tonic is one of Asia’s first comprehensive mobile-based health and wellness service platforms providing many digital health services from health information to a modern health line and exclusive medically-related financial benefits. Tonic is a subsidiary of Telenor Health and it is exclusively available to Grameenphone subscribers. Tonic has partnerships with over 50 popular hospitals in the country where Tonic members would get up to 40% discount in fees and get other services.

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