Mobile Data Consumption Shoots up, Mobile As A Platform, And Mobile Is Eating Bangladesh Follow-up

Mobile Data Consumption Shoots up, Mobile As A Platform, And Mobile Is Eating Bangladesh Follow-up

Average Bangladeshis are consuming a significantly higher mobile internet data since the launch of 4G in the country in February 2018, according to a report by the Daily Star. The mobile data consumption has almost doubled in the last one year from previously 700MB on an average to 1GB, which is 1,024MB.

Robi, the second largest operator after the Airtel Robi merger, leads the pack in terms of growth in internet usage with 88% growth followed by Grameenphone which saw a 54% growth overall. Robi said its 2.83 crore active internet users, of which 55 lakh are regular 4G customers, consumed about 1,182 megabytes (MB) data on average in the third quarter of 2018. For GP, the average is 1,149MB. GP, the largest operator in the country, has 3.63 crore active internet users, of which 50 lakh are using 4G. Banglalink has two crore internet subscribers who are using 734 MB data on average.

A couple of things deserve attention here:

These numbers are unexciting. Mobile internet consumption is growing pretty fast, obviously, but we are not still done here. According to BTRC, we have about 147 million mobile subscribers. Compare that with the current active internet users, it is minuscule in number

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