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Seedstars Asia Summit 2018: The Complete List Of Finalist Startups

Seedstars World, one of the largest startup competitions for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes, is hosting the Seedstars Asia Summit x True Digital Park in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 28th to 30th, at Ananda Campus, FYI Center, Bangkok. Here is the complete list of startups attending:

Wobot, from India (Enterprise Products), a startup helping businesses making sense of data generated by CCTVs.

SmartPeep, from Singapore (Medtech / Biotech), monitors patients and elderly people inward with AI-powered cameras, enabling nurses to get notified for emergent situations.

Oxpecker Labs, from Hong Kong (Health / Wellness), developed the world's first patent-pending, non-invasive sweat sensor that helps users to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

KidSense, from China (Education), working on edge voice-AI solutions for children to speak to technology securely.

Ombré, from Malaysia (Fashion), a digital fashion advisor that gives outfit recommendations to users based on their physical traits, using algorithms.

EatLab, from Thailand (Food and Beverage), a deep tech spinout that helps executives in food and beverage manufacturing business obtain true customer insights quantitatively.

Parkingkoi, from Bangladesh (Travel and Transport), a parking sharing platform. It unlocks the hidden parking space in Dhaka and connects parking seeker to parking owner.

Expedito, from Indonesia (Travel and Transport), has bridged 2000+ SMEs to ship their products to more than 75 countries by providing a cheaper and better cross-border shipping.

Thuocsi, from Vietnam (Health / Wellness), is a B2B sourcing and distribution platform for pharmaceuticals in Vietnam for doctors, pharmacists, and hospitals.

Joonak, from Cambodia, the leading local delivery and e-commerce solution provider in the country.

DirectPay, from Sri Lanka (Finance and Payments), allows customers to make payments within seconds by using their mobile device to do day to day transactions without a wallet.

New Day, from Myanmar, the country’s first smartphone-centric low-income jobs platform, enabling easily-accessible job-matching and skills-training.

FoodMario, from Nepal (Food and Beverage), a unique platform that connects home cooks with customers and delivers the cooks’ creations.

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