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The Top 6 Stories Of October 2018

It's always interesting to take a moment to reflect and see which of our recent stories have resonated well with our readers and made an impact in the worlds of entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.

Here are the top 6 most popular stories of October 2018:

6. DataSoft’s Future and Lessons In Entrepreneurship: An Interview With M. Manjur Mahmud, COO, Datasoft

5. Bangladesh’s First Angel Investment Network Bangladesh Angels Launches In Dhaka

4. How REPTO Has Become A Revenue-first Online Education Company In Bangladesh With Ishtiyak Sheyam, CEO, REPTO

3. How Sheba Has Improved Its Internal Performance Over 50% Using A Simple System

2. Pathao Tong, Ride-Hailing’s New Market Reality, And Pathao’s Path To One App For All Your Needs

1. How Cookups Is Slowly Building An Ecosystem Around Safe Food With Namira Hossain and Misha Ali, Founders, Cookups

Special mentions

1. Truck Lagbe Opens Up Its Platform, Aggregator, And The Business Of Truck Lagbe

2. Introducing Founder Stories: The Largest Collection Of Interviews Of Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs

3. Chaldal Launches Bangladesh’s Largest E-commerce Warehouse

4. 06 Must-Read Startup Stories For Founders On Growth, Founder’s Journey, And Entrepreneurial Mindset

5. 07 Lessons From BRAC’s Senior Director Tamara Hasan Abed On Leadership and Management

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