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FS Weekly Digest: Our 05 Must Read Stories From Last Week

1. How Cookups Is Slowly Building An Ecosystem Around Safe Food With Namira Hossain and Misha Ali, Founders, Cookups

In the world of Dhaka's online food delivery business, Cookups is a fascinating startup. In 2017, when we first covered Cookups, it was just a facebook group, a community of 16,000 people selling and buying homemade foods, and a small team of about 8 people. And today, after a year, it is a completely different company. It has launched web and app, it claims to have thousands of daily active users, expanded to groceries, health food and catering, and today, it aims to build an ecosystem of products and services around safe food.

2. 06 Must-Read Startup Stories For Founders On Growth, Founder’s Journey, And Entrepreneurial Mindset

06 Must Read Startup Stories For Founders On Growth, Founder’s Journey, And Entrepreneurial Mindset

3. Body Shop Opens First Outlet In Bangladesh

Body Shop, British cosmetics, skin care, and perfume brand, has launched in Bangladesh. Quest Holdings Bangladesh, a Bangladeshi conglomerate and the exclusive partner of The Body Shop, has opened Body Shop’s first outlet in Bangladesh in the country's Jamuna Future Park. With the launch, Bangladesh is going to be Body Shop’s 70th market in the world. The company has three thousand stores in 70 markets.

4. Growth Strategies From REPTO That You Can Use To Grow Your Internet Business

Founded by Ishtiyak Sheyam, REPTO, a Dhaka-based online education startup, has built a revenue-first company from scratch. Online education is a challenging market for a myriad of reasons. The willingness among people for paying for an online course is yet to be there. But Sheyam and his team at REPTO have managed to get past these perceived limitations in the market. Over the past three years, REPTO has raised several rounds of investment, while consistently growing its revenue. Today, it has over 150 courses on its platform, over 68,000 students adding 500 new users daily and generating tens of lakhs in revenue per month.

5. A Practical Lesson In Leadership That You Can Apply Today

One of the most important jobs of a leader is dealing with people. Inspiring them. Showing them path and direction. The most effective way to lead humans is through telling believable stories. That makes that most important job of a leader: storytellers.

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