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BD Venture Launches Crowdfunding Platform FundSME

Sep 27, 2018

BD Venture Limited, Dhaka's one of the active venture capital firms, has launched a crowdfunding platform for connecting entrepreneurs and investors. The platform, aptly named, aims to help entrepreneurs, mostly SMEs and startups, to raise small-scale investment from a large number of passionate small investors.

BD Venture has been working on the platform for a while now. It has also been working closely with the regulator to put together a regulatory structure for crowdfunding in Bangladesh. Although crowdfunding is a popular funding mechanism in many parts of the world for a variety of purposes starting from funding studies to small art projects to raising serious capital for startups, Bangladesh doesn’t have a guideline for such funding mechanism, which limits opportunities for many entrepreneurs and passionate small investors. With the launch of FundSME, this door is likely to open for the entrepreneurs.

Update on Sept 30th at 12 PM: The story has been updated with new information

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