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04 Startups That Caught Our Eyes Last Week

Praava Health, Dorpon, Bhumijo, BD Assistant

5 Ways to Make Your Accounting Practice More Profitable

“I crunch numbers. I’m not a people person,” said no successful accountant ever. Here’s the double-edged sword about accounting. To succeed in the field, you need to bring in clients, do an excellent job for them, and then hope that they refer you to others.

Online Property Marketplace, Such As bproperty, Promises Taking Hassle Out Of Renting Or Buying Property In Dhaka

A few startups are trying to bring a change in how you buy, rent and sell property in Dhaka.

In Life, The Only Way Out Is Through: Lessons In Life And Entrepreneurship

Founder and Managing Director of Solaric, Didar Islam, explains why we should embrace struggles and challenges of life and maintain the courage of enduring difficulties if we to succeed.

Pathao’s Platform Ambition, Pathao Food, Pathao Pay, and Entrepreneurship With Hussain M Elius, Founder and CEO, Pathao

Pathao Founder and CEO Hussain M Elius on Pathao’s logistics business, how the segment, with which Pathao started its journey, has grown over the years, the dynamics of logistics business and Pathao’s ambition in the space, the beginning and phenomenal growth of Pathao Food, how cross-dispatching can change the dynamics of both food and logistics business, Pathao Resto - Pathao’s upcoming app for restaurants, challenges of food delivery business and Pathao’s plans in the space going forward, why Pathao Pay is critical for Pathao ecosystem, future plans for Pathao Pay, why Pathao is paranoid about hiring right people, Pathao’s internal learning culture, Pathao’s platform ambition and its vision to allow people to build on a platform with millions of users, how role of a CEO changes when company grows and why it is hard to overstate the importance of having the right people around you while building a company and much more.

Lessons In Personal Growth From Zara Jabeen Mahbub Of BRAC Bank

Senior Vice President and the Head of Communications and Service Quality at BRAC Bank Zara Jabeen Mahbub shares her lessons in personal growth and how our difficulties help us to get to the next level in our career.

Finding A Sustainable Solution To Blood Donation Problem With Passion And Persistence With Md. Sahariar Hasan Jiisun, Founder, Bloodman

Shahriar Hasan Jisan is the co-founder of Bloodman, a web and mobile-based platform that matches blood donors with the patients or blood seeker. In this interview, he talks about how his passion for doing social good led to founding of Bloodman, how the idea of Bloodman came into being and how it evolved over the time, Bloodman’s struggle with finding a sustainable model to sustain and scale its operate, the state of Bloodman’s operation today, its challenges and ambition going forward, how Bloodman has found a sustainable model, how BRAC’s Urban Innovation Challenge program - an incubator program for social enterprise - has helped Bloodman to turn an idea into a sustainable social enterprise, how UIC has helped Bloodman to get to execution, build new connections and partnership, and reflects on his lessons on entrepreneurship and why you should forego indifferent criticism and disregard what other people might say if you want to do anything of consequence.

Your Struggles Are Your Becoming

Life is challenging. It gets even harder when we take challenges of life too personally. KM Ali, CEO, Partex Star Group (CX-1) shares how challenges and difficulties of life have helped him to grow and do well in every stage of his life. Celebrate difficulties.

Working Four-day Weeks For Five Days’ Pay? Research Shows It Pays Off

Employees at a New Zealand company behind an innovative trial of a four-day working week have declared it a resounding success, with 78% saying they were better able to manage their work-life balance.

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