CEO of and Ajkerdeal Fahim Mashroor Explains The Imperatives For Entrepreneurial Success

CEO of and Ajkerdeal Fahim Mashroor Explains The Imperatives For Entrepreneurial Success

There is no secret to building a successful business. Often, a positive result is a combination of many things including timing, product, hard work, grit, patience and so on.

Having said that, there are certain attributes that can improve your chance of ending up in a better position.

In an interview with Future Startup on 12 April, CEO Fahim Mashroor explained what you may call 03 things that will improve your chance of building a successful company in Bangladesh.

1) Patience

I think patience is the most important attribute for entrepreneurs especially in countries like ours. They need to bear in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that good thing takes time to happen.

2) Looking beyond money

Secondly, you need to be passionate. If you’re building a business just for money, you won’t last in the long run. But if you love what you do and keep at it, you are sure to have the intended result.

3) Honesty with the self

And last but not the least, an ideal entrepreneur must be an honest person. Whether you are running a business or working at a company, always remain honest in your conducts. Try to add value to the society through your initiative. You can make temporary achievements by unethical means, but dishonesty wouldn’t get you too far.

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Cover photo credit: Nurunnaby Chowdhury (Hasive), Wikipedia

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