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FS Weekly Digest: The Insights You Missed This Week

Past few days have been very eventful for Dhaka’s tech ecosystem. We’ve published some of our best stories. Google has launched its mobile data consumption tracking app Datally globally and they also organized a launch event in Dhaka. The company is trying hard to improve its business in emerging markets.

bKash continues to push into payments with a host efforts including discount, cashback, and partnership. It is impossible to overstate the importance of digital payments for bKash. In fact, its long-term success depends on its success in the digital payments space. Because payments and P2P money transfer are intimately connected. Adaptation of one service influences the adaptation of another.

SureCash, another most important fin-tech company in Dhaka, has been hard in work to improve engagement of its already growing user base. The company has a simple to use app and has a strong penetration in structured payment markets such as bill pay, college fee payment etc.

Uber celebrates one year in Dhaka and its PR challenges don’t give it a respite even in Dhaka. It aims to expand beyond Dhaka.

Grameenphone is preparing to launch a new eCommerce marketplace called, people familiar with the matter said. The effort will be closely watched for several reasons.

Ajkerdeal has introduced a  new version of its app with a bunch of new updates and features. The leading ecommerce company has been talking about a mobile-first strategy for a while now and it finally manages to get there.

MUV, one of the bike-hailing startups in Dhaka, has started doing on-demand delivery. Its CEO Mr. Fahad Ibna Wahab told Future Startup that the company aims to do more in the on-demand delivery space including exploring online ticketing in the near future.

On to The Insights:

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