Why Telecom Operators In Dhaka Should Offer Mobile Data Usage Tracking Mechanism To Users

Dec 2, 2017

Google has launched its Datally app, an Android app that allows users to track and control mobile data usage on their phone - a long overdue app from Telecom operators in Dhaka who are increasingly relying on data and digital services for growth.

This is an important news and it resonates with many mobile data users in Bangladesh who struggle to understand their data consumption and data plans that their operators offer.

This is not an accusation rather a fact that telecom operators in Dhaka are famous for offering ambiguous and absurd data plans and talk time packages. In fact, simply to understand many of the packages these companies offer require significant cognitive effort. This runs in contradiction with what we know about customer service and transparency. Despite, this reality continues and users continue to suffer.

However, from a business standpoint of view, I think offering a data consumption tracking and controlling mechanism would allow the company whoever it offers to build a better relationship with its users.

Data is increasingly becoming an important growth source for telecom operators in Dhaka. If you take a closer look at the 3rd quarter earning reports of all three leading operators, it becomes clear that data is proving to be an important growth engine for the operators. There is no denying that it will be even more important in the coming days.

This is in no way a new information to any of the operators in Dhaka. All three operators have been investing heavily in the digital products and services, an apparent move to lead in the age of data and digital.

Having said that, one thing that has not changed yet is the approach that telecom operators have been using to increase data consumption in a rather unsustainable way. Users often come to deal with auto-renewal, unusual data consumption and so forth.

This has consequences for both the companies and the overall ecosystem. It discourages people from using digital services. Moreover, as the mobile number portability is in the process, this will allow any, that takes the advantage, operator to build lasting connections with its users.

At the same time, helping track data usage will allow an operator to better understand its users on digital platforms and how they behave digitally which will eventually help in designing better services and digital products. In my opinion, Dhaka’s telecom operators should have built a Datally app years ago.

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Ruhul Kader is a technology and business analyst based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Future Startup and author of Rethinking Failure: A short guide to living an entrepreneurial life. He writes about internet business, strategy, technology, technology policy, and society. He can be reached at ruhul@futurestartup.com

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