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Shwapno’s Investment In Private Label Brands Could Be A Huge Advantage For The Retailer

Nov 9, 2017

Shwapno, the leading retail supermarket brand in the country, has been silently investing in private label brands of its own which can give its business huge windfall in the future.

It has already launched a host of brands that carry its name around commodities including rice to cookies which is currently at around 6% of its entire portfolio. In a recent interview with Future Startup, Sabbir Hasan Nasir, Executive Director of ACI Logistics, shares his thought on Shwapno’s private label brand strategy:

“We have launched a few private label brands that come through contract manufacturing which contribute around 6% of our entire portfolio. Our ambition is to take it to 20 %to 30% level over the next few years.

We identify them as buckets of freshness and buckets of safety. Most of our private label brands are in commodities (including rice, sugar, etc), cookies, and similar types of categories.
We want to ensure the lives of our children are safe through food safety. We want to make these products the way it should be, with love and care.”

Although it is early to comment on the development, this is an important move and will have significant strategic implication for Shwapno in the coming years. If it pans out for Shwapno properly, as it did for many retailers outside, it would be a huge opportunity for the retailer.

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