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HungryNaki 101

We recently published a long-form interview of the Co-founder and COO of HungryNaki, Tausif Ahmad exploring the story of the first food delivery company in Dhaka, its current state, growth, future plans, food delivery industry and many other important aspects of HungryNaki and food delivery industry in Bangladesh, you may see the full story here.  HungryNaki is one of the fast growing startups in Dhaka. The company claims that it has already reached operational break-even and has big plans for growth and expansion. Here’s what you need to know in brief:

  • HungryNaki, a food delivery startup based in Dhaka, started its operation in 2013 with a team of six people out of a one room shared office space. It covered Banani and Gulshan area.
  • When it launched on October 1, 2013, it had collaboration with 30 restaurants and a two members delivery team. It delivered 200 orders in its first month of existence.
  • Today HungryNaki works with about 750 restaurants (it has partnerships with 1200 restaurants) and serves 750-900 orders per day. It has an over 100 people delivery team.
  • HungryNaki now covers almost 70% of Dhaka City and has expanded to Chittagong and Sylhet. However, almost 80% of its deliveries take place in Dhaka.
  • It has been able to build a strong brand over the past years. 20% of its payments are made digitally- a number way higher than the industry.
  • The startup claims that it has a huge potential given the socio-economic changes in the market. Trends like growing middle class, working women, and nuclear family support its assumption that demand for takeout and readymade food will grow manifold in the coming years.
  • Like all other marketplaces, HungryNaki makes money on commissions it receives from the restaurants on sales.
  • Going forward, the food delivery startup plans to introduce more automation in order to increase efficiency and better customer experience.
  • It has also planned to launch a few services later this year.
  • The startup in conversation with a few investors to raise a series A round to fuel its growth and expansion. By 2018, it plans to be in at least one more market.

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