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Grameenphone Accelerator Teardown

Founded in 2015 in collaboration with SD Asia, Grameenphone accelerator has so far supported three batches of startups (including current one)- a total of 16 startups. The program is designed for early-stage companies and provides:

  • An intensive, rapid and immersive training over the four-month
  • BDT 11 lakh in seed funding each for 10% equity in the company,
  • Workspace in GP House, and a weighty set of industry contacts to speed up the life cycle of their businesses

Over the past years, the accelerator has supported startups from a whole variety of industries with specific focus on digital services and platform. Major trends are:

  • Fintech
  • Internet
  • Adtech
  • Mobility and transportation [See our recent mobility market map here]
  • Edtech
  • eCommerce/On-demand service
  • Data analytics
  • Traveltech
  • Healthtech
  • Hardware

Using Future Startup’s internal data and data from few other sources, we have tried to look at the state of GPA startups across the board.

PS: this is a developing story and we plan to add more information about individual companies and also about overall investment strategy of GPA as we go. Also, this story is inspired by CBinsight's similar report for the US market.

CompanyDescriptions/SectorCurrent StatusLatest Funding
EnnovisionWebsite building tool, a Bangladesh version of strikingly.InactiveN/A
KandyAn intelligent mobile advertising application that puts deals and contents on users’ lock screens.InactiveN/A
Share IncA carpooling application that allows users to carpool in a safe, social setup while helping them to save time and moneyInactiveN/A
ShebaAn on-demand service platform/marketplace that connects users with service providersActiveRaised $225K and now in the process of $1m.
REPTOAn Online Course Marketplace that allows users to create and sell courses online.ActiveN/A
CramStackA data analytics platform using analytics pipelines and models tailored to enterprises to bring deeper insights from the enterprise dataActiveN/A
SocainAn Analytic platform which processes data obtained from Social Media to understand what and how people are talking about a brand.ActiveRaising
CMEDA cloud-based preventative health care service.ActiveRaising
BuzAllyMobile marketing service.ActiveN/A
GhuriOnline traveling solution provider.ActiveN/A
BankcompareAn online platform that aggregates financial products and helps users to compare various financial products and choose better one.ActiveN/A
DoctorkoiOffers an ERP based solution to doctors and hospitals to manage appointment and records of patients history as well as a web-based solution to find a doctor and make an appointment.ActiveN/A
CrowdwareHelps automate business operations by crowdsourcing repetitive operational work to a network of contributors.ActiveN/A
Microtech InteractiveUses mobile application and augmented reality technology to design interesting and engaging children education materials.ActiveN/A
BarikoiA digital addressing system that helps users to replace their traditional long addresses with a shortcode.ActiveN/A
Jolpi ElectronicsJolpi is a smart-home and automation related hardware tech company based in Dhaka. Its first product Sniffer can detect gas leakages to prevent accidents.ActiveN/A

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