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The Second Edition of DemoDhaka Held, Here Is The Complete List Of Startups Showcased

DemoDhaka, a platform hosted by hubdhaka, which helps entrepreneurs, product developers, and app makers to showcase their ideas and products to a larger audience held their 2nd edition of the platform at NewsCred Dhaka, on 21st January 2017.

The first DemoDhaka, which took place on May 14, 2015, had several startups presenting their products to an audience consisting of customers and investors.

Eight startups launched and showcased their product offerings at the 2nd edition of the platform. Below is a complete list.

Unigigg: Unigigg is an online platform that helps young people [students and recent graduates] acquire skills and connects them with potential employers while also helping employers to find great talents.

Medical Sheba: provides all types of medical services

Sign Language Translator: a two-way communication system for the hearing and speech impaired people,

Socian: a Social Media based Analytics platform that helps brands to read and understand the sentiments of their customers.

Meghdut: a business data analytics startup that helps businesses to track and analyze their business through API integration and real-time reporting dashboard.

TopTube: Collects millions of trending videos and music to deliver them to the users’ devices,

Sniffer: an alarm, designed and manufactured by Jolpi Electronics, that can detect gas leakages to prevent accidents

Magic Ruti Maker: automatically converts dough to bread without the hassle of kneading it manually.

Our take

We wrote introducing the First Demo Dhaka event in 2015:

‘If you build it they will come’ does not work anymore. Today you must build something that people want but the question remains: how do you do that? Simple: by talking to people, getting feedback from your audience, and testing your idea. Demo Dhaka aims to help participants to showcase their products in order to get feedback, practice demo skill, test MVP, meet potential clients and investors and most importantly to meet with critical early adopters.

You can’t build a great product sitting inside your building. Get out of your building and show it to the world and ask for feedback.

Bangladesh startup ecosystem is growing and at the same time, the number of serious and equally potential startups is growing daily. In 2016, we saw a decent number of funding activities, and we expect 2017 will be a happening year for the startups in Bangladesh. These startups need platforms from where they can get help. That’s why we need platforms like DemoDhaka that offers opportunities to entrepreneurs to reach out to users and potential investors.

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