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Demo Dhaka Aims To Be The Ultimate Platform For Makers To Showcase Their Products

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Getting words out about anything is a little difficult in Dhaka if you are not well connected. Lack of platform that eliminates access barriers is one of the reasons behind it. However, things are getting better, as it always does with time.

Demo Dhaka, a soon to be launched platform by hubdhaka, aims to help startups, product developers and app makers to showcase their products to a larger audience. The first event of the platform scheduled on May 10, 2015 at the city’s EMK Center is open to founders, developers, designers and passionate makers and doers who want to showcase their products, apps, and creations and also find some great talent to talk and work with.

Why To Attend

‘If you build it they will come’ does not work anymore. Today you must build something that people want but question remains: how do you do that? Simple: by talking to people, getting feedback from your audience, and testing your idea. Demo Dhaka aims to help participants to showcase their products in order to get feedback, practice demo skill, test MVP, meet potential clients and investors and most importantly to meet with critical early mass.

You can't build a great product sitting inside your building, you have to go out and talk to people. Get out of your building and show it to the world.

How To Attend

This free event is open to all upon registration. If you have some kickass products, apps, or anything showcase, register now as a participants.

If you are a startup enthusiast, investor seeking next big thing to get involved or just a person who appreciates innovation and great ideas and products you can register and attend as a visitor.

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