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Buzzally and Socian To Attend Telenor’s Digital Winners Asia From Bangladesh

Oct 30, 2016

Buzzally, a mobile self-service marketing platform for SMEs and Socian, an artificial intelligence and social media based analytics platform for brands, will be attending Digital Winners Asia from Bangladesh to be held in Myanmar from November 01-02. Both startups are selected from the GP Accelerator’s current batch.

Digital Winners Asia, first of its kind in Aisa, is a two-day long regional startup event organized by Telenor Group to help startups from its 05 startup incubation and accelerator programs in the region to achieve scale across markets. 9 startups, two representatives from each, head of Accelerators and other stakeholders, from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Thailand will attend the event.

The two daylong event will feature keynotes, discussions, talks, and a focused case preparation session for startups in which startups will pitch to win 100,000 Norwegian Kroner as expansion fund.

Keynotes and insight sessions will be given by leaders from companies like Google, Golden Gates Venture, and Telenor Group.

Here is the complete list of participating startups from all five countries, many of which, as Telenor reports will be working across the markets and growing alongside Telenor in the region.

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Buzzally: a mobile self-service marketing platform for SMEs

Socian: an artificial intelligence and social media based analytics based platform for brands

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Vase: Cost effective market research platform delivering quick actionable insights.

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Myanzen: Technologies to seamlessly integrate social media sales with social networking platforms

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EcoEnergy: Technologies to facilitate sustainable electricity, specifically to rural locations

Edjunction: Mobile communication platform bridging the gap between parents, teachers, students and the schools

Fori Mazdoori: Fori Mazdoorio offers a job platform through web and app for blue collar workers and employers by working together with telecom retail network to register workers.

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Skootar: On-demand logistic startup that helps businesses to deliver goods through motorbike.

TakeMeTour: Online tour platform with the largest collection of 1 day tour in Thailand.

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