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The Age Of Tech: Top 10 Tech Billionaires, 2016 Edition

Aug 14, 2016
Tech Billionaires 2016
Tech Billionaires 2016

Tech has contributed to creating an incredible amount of wealth in the past few decades. A report we published last week shows how tech giants of the world have easily replaced big oil companies as the world’s most valuable publicly traded companies.

Then there is more, Forbes recently published a list of 100 richest people in the tech world. Here are the top ten tech billionaires as presented by Statista. The list is largely, and predictably so, dominated by U.S. companies followed by Chinese tech giants.

Bill Gates sits on the top followed by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Jack Ma, the founder and Chairman of Alibaba champions the list on behalf of the Chinese companies, he is number eight in the list followed by Tencent CEO, Ma Huateng.

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