Smartphones Dominate Global Mobile Travel Bookings

Jun 15, 2016

Mobile is changing travel bookings globally. And smartphones dominated several subcategories in mobile bookings. According to a report by Criteo, smartphones dominated hotel and airline bookings globally while package bookings were largely done by Tablets.

mobile travel bookings

Criteo report, that analyzed mobile bookings made via online travel retailers (OTAs) in Q1 2016, said mobile airline bookings were almost split between smartphones. 53% of airline bookings were done via smartphones and tablets won 47% share. In hotel bookings, though, 81% of the reservations were made via smartphones. However, the majority of mobile users (60%) used tablets for booking packages.

According to research, 27% of travel bookings worldwide were done via mobile in Q1 2016. And apps dominated mobile bookings with 57% of mobile bookings done via apps during the same period, up from 40% in Q3 2015.


It is critical for vendors and advertisers to understand the implications of this mobile bookings surge. Taking a mobile-first approach with a cross-device usability should bring great result for vendors.

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