Chaldal CEO Waseem Alim On Getting Into Y Combinator From Bangladesh

May 19, 2016

An increasing number of startups and early stage companies are interested in getting into Y Combinator, the renowned Silicon Valley-based incubator program. Due to its high-quality standard and invaluable network, YC has become an extraordinarily popular program among startups globally.

No wonder that good folks from Dhaka are also interested in getting into YC. However, it is not easy. So far, we have two startups graduated from YC, Backpackbang and Chaldal.

Recently, we asked Waseem Alim, Co-founder and CEO of Chaldal, about his take on getting into Y Combinator and here are what he has to say.

Note: This is originally part of an upcoming long-form interview of Mr. Waseem. Stay tuned to read the interview shortly.

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Waseem Alim on getting into Y combinator:

The advice is simple, if you build up a good product and can grow fast and steadily, it is simple to get into YC. Grow your startup, show a 15% growth rate every month and you’ll probably get into YC and know where your product can go.

There is no formula for getting into YC. It is not that you can’t get into YC because you came from Bangladesh. That’s not the case.

What is lacking in Bangladesh, I think, is the belief that you can get in YC. However, I think you can. Don’t let that belief constrain you, that’s the mistake.

Don’t think that you’ll not get in YC, think that you will get into YC. Don’t assume that there is something rigged against you. There is no reason why YC won’t accept a Bangladeshi company.

If you want to get accepted, grow and follow the standard advice that is available to everyone. Be good at what you do and build something that matter.

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