Analytics and Big Data Will Be Most Valuable Digital Skills In Three Years

Apr 28, 2016

A survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Cognizant among 422 European and US executives about the top digital skills in demand across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail and manufacturing found that analytics and big data skills will be the most important and sought after digital competencies in three years, reports the eMarketer.

According to research, security, web and mobile development, and digital marketing were most in demand in the US and Europe in Q4 of 2015. 42% of respondents voted for security, web and mobile development skills and 41% suggested digital marketing as well.

However, a different scenario emerged when respondents were asked about the future. One asked about what will be most important digital skills at their companies, 43% of executives in Europe and the US voted for analytics and big data. Digital strategy and smart product development also received high regard as important in demand skills in three years.

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