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Digital Marketing Company GEEKY Social Adds To Board, Eyes For Further Growth

Apr 25, 2016

GEEKY Social, the Dhaka-based 360-degree digital marketing company, announced that M Asif Rahman, Founder, and CEO of A.R. Communications, has joined its management team and the Board of Directors, said a statement sent out to Future Startup.

Mr. Rahman, who invested in GEEKY last year, is an active angel investor in Dhaka and is also known as web industry and optimization expert.

This new addition to the board will help GEEKY to leverage Mr. Rahman’s technology, content, and operations expertise as well as his vision and creativity as it plans to invest heavily in its full-service marketing platform, and aggressively prepares for growth. Through their rifling, they discovered that some social media marketing companies are expensive and a very few precious ones are affordable enough for the company's growth.

"With his extensive experience in web development, Web 2.0 marketing, HTTP 2.0, applications and lean product development, Asif Rahman has established himself as a well-known technology and content distribution talent who will play an important role in GEEKY Social's future growth plans," said Saimum Hossain, Cofounder, GEEKY Social.

GEEKY is one of the fast growing digital marketing startups in Dhaka. The digital marketing space is evolving rapidly, GEEKY plans to bring innovative products to keep up with the pace.

GEEKY Social’s growth strategy includes driving innovative product development and educating clients for greater allocation of media and promotions budget to social and digital media platforms by businesses: big and small alike.

Mr. Rahman has expressed his high hope for the GEEKY Team. In a statement, he said: "I was already involved with digital media buying and social media marketing, like Simply Gram and the likes, but the main factor that made me move forward with GEEKY Social was the team. I know the founders very well; not as an outsider but more closely in some other projects. I know how capable and energetic they are,” said Asif Rahman. “As it’s a very developing vertical, their passion for disrupting will come very handy. And they have already proven me right in the past one year.”

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