The Incredible Life Of Jeff Bezos, Captured In One Giant Infographic

Apr 20, 2016

Jeff Bezos, the Founder, and CEO of everything store Amazon, is one of the most powerful entrepreneurs of our time. Amazon’s CEO has driven his company to all-consuming growth and relentlessly promoted the idea of long-term thinking in order to build a company that claims itself to be an 'invention machine' defined by failures. Bezos sits at the top of the world's greatest leaders by Fortune and is the 5th wealthiest person in the world. It is incredibly hard to gauge how much Bezos has accomplished in his life so far. That’s where this huge infographic, created by information designer Anna Vital of Funders and Founders comes in. Read the full article.

"At 29, while debating whether to start his “everything store”, a prescient Bezos was already keenly aware of how terrible it would feel to regret not having tried when he was old, writes. "So he came up with the Regret Minimization Framework. He used it to decide whether to walk away from a well-paying job on Wall Street in the middle of the year, which would mean passing up on that year’s bonus."

The illustrated life’s journey, which takes heavily from Brad Stone's book 'Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and Age of Amazon, winds through several milestones and inflection points, like when Bezos raised first investment, made an investment in Goggle and the time when took Amazon public.

Those are just a few of the highlights. It’s a huge visualization , so we broke it down into a couple of prominent sections for comfortable reading.

Early days and how he got the idea for everything store:

how-jeff-bezos-started-infographic 02
how-jeff-bezos-started-infographic 02

Started Amazon, invested in Google, took Amazon public and more:

how-jeff-bezos-started-infographic 03
how-jeff-bezos-started-infographic 03

Lost money in investment, launches a Rocket Company, Launches Kindle, Buys the Washington Post, and Drone:

how-jeff-bezos-started-infographic 04
how-jeff-bezos-started-infographic 04

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