Apple Turns 40 And 40 Years Of Extraordinary Growth

Apr 2, 2016

Apple turns 40 on April 1. Steve Jobs and his friends Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne incorporated Apple Computer 40 years back, 1976, on April 01. The company has seen extraordinary growth since its birth and has become one of the biggest success stories in the technology world. While achieving tremendous success, the company has also changed multiple industries in its lifetime starting with the computer to music to film and more.

At the time, when Apple started in Jobs's Parents Garage, nobody could have thought that this would become one of the most valuable company in the world and would turn technology industry upside down. However, Apple's journey to greatness was not straight one. The company had to go through near death experience for more than once. Steve Jobs second coming as CEO saved the company from near peril and made it what it is today.

Now that Steve Jobs is gone and after 40 years of groundbreaking product innovation, Apple is going through a midlife crisis. It is almost impossible to bring a product like iPhone every now and then which is true for Apple as well. Consequently, Apple is going through a tough time and its growth is slowing down. Being said that, Apple has seen an extraordinary growth since its launch in 1976. Following chart, put together by Statista, shows Apple's revenue growth since 1977.

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