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First 'People and Culture In Tech' Event Held In Dhaka

The idea of forming the “People and Culture in Tech” community emerged when the NewsCred’s Head of HR, Ms. Leonika Hannan and her team were discussing the challenges faced by professionals who manage Tech companies. After much discussion, it became apparent to them that the issues that seemed unique to them are in fact common obstacles faced by numerous tech organizations in Bangladesh.

Technology is an emerging industry in Bangladesh and is steadily growing every day. Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry, there is a major lack of collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst the community. If the people of the industry join together and create a platform where they are able to communicate, share experiences and promote personal networks, NewsCred believes, it can revolutionize how the tech industry operates. That’s where the idea of People and Culture In Tech event came in. The purpose is to build a community of techies in order to enable a culture of sharing and collaboration among fellow technologists and entrepreneurs.

The first event, organized by NewsCred, held on 28th February, 2016 at NewsCred's Dhaka Office and was attended by prominent tech companies, startups and entrepreneurs. It was a casual and interactive networking session to initiate the forming of a network of professionals who are contributing towards a stronger tech community. NewsCred Dhaka hopes that people in the industry will appreciate and come forward to further this initiative and will work together to build a strong tech community.

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