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3 Indian Video Streaming Services You Should Know About

Jan 7, 2016

Netflix just announced its global launch, including India and Bangladesh. The announcement has received quite significant amount of attention globally and Netflix’s stock price has just soared. A very likely reaction.

However, as it seems from outside things are not going to be easy for Netflix in many markets it just launched given that there are competitors in almost all of these markets. In Bangladesh, there are at least 3 startups working in the space.

In India, the scenario is no different. There are more than half dozen startups playing streaming game in India. Below is a list of most distinct three.

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Beta launched in mid-2014, Spuul is one of the few video streaming startups doing well in India. Founder by Subin Subaiah, S. Mohan and Sudesh Iyer, the startup originally wanted to serve consumers of Indian content living abroad since they found that there is a demand for such content and there is no such service available. But after Beta launch, they came to that home market for streaming service is way bigger than that of abroad and decided to shift their focus. Today, 60% of Spuul users are local Indian people and rest 40% users are from abroad.

The platform now offers TV and movies which can be accessed via the website or the app – iOS and Android. It claims to offer a seamless experience on the platform and let users integration across all devices.

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ErosNow is Eros International’s on-demand video streaming platform for Indian video content. ErosNow claims to have 30 million plus registered users and offers them access to films, as well as premium television shows, music videos and audio tracks.

The platform also allows access to latest films before their television premier and high quality original drama series.

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Hotstar is an online video streaming platform owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, a subsidiary of Star India. The platform currently offers over 50,000 hours of TV content and movies across 8 languages, and also cover every major sports.

Hotstar claims to have highly evolved video streaming technology and put quality of experience across devices and platforms at the top of its priority.

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