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Free Ebook: Building The Future

Time and again, we interviewed, featured, listened to extraordinary people doing and building great things from all walks of life. We have learned a great deal from all their stories. As we are about to say goodbye to 2015, we have thought why not we put together something for aspiring entrepreneurs and makers to ponder upon and learn from.

This ebook, Building The Future, a collection of interviews and personal details of few Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, aims to help you to see through ambiguity, unleash your inner-power to embrace your own path and journey, and build something of your own.

[blockquote source]We are all entrepreneurs in our life, in one way or other. We always come across problems and challenges that confound us, make us worry about ourselves and our loved ones, we all face that single moment when we have to make a choice, we all fail sometime that make us to question our worth, and then we figure things out. [/blockquote]

We believe, while inspiring you to take a different career path, this ebook will also help you to become a better person, prepare you for life's ups and downs, and help you to see beyond the line. Moreover, this ebook will convince you that life is all about making and giving and living.

The Ebook Offers:

  • Stories of 06 Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs
  • What it takes to start and build a company
  • Why people build things what they build
  • Common challenges of entrepreneurs 
  • Why people start things, build things?
  • What motivates entrepreneurs to do things they do?
  • How they build organizations from scratch.
  • What are the challenges entrepreneurs face and how do they outperform those challenges?
  • What lessons we can learn from the stories of successful entrepreneurs?

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