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Ghoori Launches New Feature, Offers Better Facebook Integration

Ghoori, the fast growing eCommerce platform of the country, has just introduced a new feature called fShop which allows its users to turn their Facebook Fan page into an e-commerce shop. It means, now on if you have a Facebook page, you can easily turn it into a Ghoori eshop and start selling things from your facebook page as well as from Ghoori shop.

The advantage of using fShop feature is apparent. It makes creating Ghoori shop easy and simple since most small sellers in Bangladesh now live on facebook. At the same time, it makes sense since facebook commerce is about to take a new turn.

Ghoori Screenshot
Ghoori Screenshot

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Why fShop

Ghoori claims, having fShop helps the platform and its users to take advantage of widespread reach of Facebook while having all the advantage of Ghoori platform.

“There are multiple reasons for having fShop and turn your Facebook Fan Page into a Ghoori shop, says Rashed Moslem of Ghoori, “firstly, customers can easily browse your products and collections using the new, always visible, Shop section on your Facebook Page. Since people often invest a lot in Facebook marketing by using fShop they can convert the awareness into actual sales.” This makes sense.

Similarly, fShop is integrated with Ghoori eShop, it also makes purchasing safe and secure while allowing people to use other Ghoori eshop features like: cart management, payment system etc. Over the time, Ghoori aims to add more useful features around Facebook integration and to make the lives of its shop owners easy.

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The Point

This is pretty interesting move on the part of Ghoori. Facebook is very popular in Bangladesh. fCommerce has become almost mainstream in recent times. This new feature, hopefully, will let Ghoori to tap into a growing base of small traders who are relying on facebook to sell and distribute products and at the same time it can also help many new page owners turn their pages into eshops.

You can check out fShop details on Ghoori website here.

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